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Walter Bingham, in his 99th year of life, holds two Guinness world records. He is the oldest working radio talk show host and the oldest active journalist in the world.

Bingham lives in Jerusalem and broadcasts weekly on Israel National Radio (Arutz 7), on Israel Newstalk Radio, on J-AIR and writes regularly for the Jerusalem Post and Jerusalem Report.

Walter, who is still able to do a short sprint, celebrated his 98th birthday on 5 January 2022. Until very recently he held a pilot’s licence and once flew an aeroplane totally alone from London to Tel Aviv and back. For his 95th birthday he did a sky dive from 13,000 feet and intends to repeat it soon.

Besides his 50+ years broadcasting career both in England and Israel, Walter, who is a Holocaust survivor, led a multifaceted life as actor, advertising model, entrepreneur, and highly decorated World War II frontline veteran. He spent the second half of his war service with the British Army in counter-intelligence. Among the Nazis he interviewed was Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, who denied all knowledge of the Final Solution, the policy to exterminate all Jews. He was the first to be executed following the Nuremberg war crimes trials.

Walter holds the Military Medal, awarded by King George VI and has been made a Chevalier d’ Legion D’Honneur, France’s highest honour. For his journalistic achievements he has been awarded lifetime membership of the Israel Government Press Office, the Jerusalem Press Club and J-AIR.

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11 Jan 2022, 11am

11 Jan 2022, 11am Walter’s World The detestable Israeli minister and Aneyewitness account of the Eichmann capture All about the despicable Jewish government minister who called our pioneering Jews "subhuman".  He used the Nazi term untermenschen, the rational to send our millionsto the gas chambers. This creature must be dismissed from the Knesset. Why do our “Palestinian” Arabs not respect Israel? The answer is simple, we show weakness by being reactive when attacked physically or verbally, instead of being proactive and eliminate the source. We must prevent the enemy from preparing. Hear the full story of the capture of the architect of the Holocaust, Adolf Eichmann, as told by the Mossad agent who actually put his hand over his mouth and pushed him into the car. A review of a book that every Jew and lover of Israel must read. It shows the real Israel, its innovation and actions hat benefit the world. And more.

4 Jan 2022, 11am

4 Jan 2022, 11am Walter’s World The diaspora’s unreasonable demands and the rabbis v the government and Charedim v religious Zionists Who Keeps Kosher “better”? Our kashrut conundrum. The government’s proposed reform ending the monopoly of the orthodox rabbinate of both kosher supervision and conversion opened the door to competing organisations, causing doubt and mistrust. The world mourns the passing of their role model representing moral integrity, truth and reconciliation. Yet, he was the most influential anti-Semite of our time. Hear how a convicted criminal for financial fraud is again a government minister, and suspected to have his finger in the till a second time. Do you sometimes forget why you went into the kitchen? Then listen to this memory coach. With permission from the military censor, this young “lone soldier” talks about her strenuous combat training, her IDF intelligence unit and her ambitions for the future. Also, the criminally convicted former prime minister emerges from the shadows. And more.  

23 Nov 2021, 11am

23 Nov 2021, 11am Walter’s World What does Turkish President Erdogan really want from Israel? The Turks will do anything to divert their public’s attention from the economic hardship in the country. This program gives a comprehensive explanation of the implications of global warming and what happened at COP26, the international conference on climate change. Who were the winners and who considered themselves to be the losers.  Also, why did Israel send a 140 strong delegation? Nefesh B’Nefesh: The non-profit organisation that assists prospective immigrants predominantly from English speaking countries and France to make aliyah, to immigrate to Israel has grown into an important engine and constituent in the promotion of Aliyah. Our State President has  opened their new  state of the art campus in Jerusalem to facilitate the easy integration into Israeli society. Yad Ezer L’Chaver is another example of how chesed , doing acts of kindness, is a pillar of life in Israel. Hear about their important work for those who lived through the horrors of the Nazis and their beauty pageant for Miss Holocaust Survivor to bring fun into their lives, that took place at the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem, judged by famous personalities including Miss Israel 2021 Hear about the meeting of all the church leaders in Israel including both chief rabbis and their meeting with President Herzog discussing the dangers of COVID-19, and to promote and encourage their communities to vaccinate. They considered it to be a holy duty for the health of the nation. The Ultra-Orthodox Charedi community in Israel is again being targeted by our anti-religious government. This time it’s about the use of "kosher" telephones. Walter explains what’s going on. The Turks are playing the hostage game. Anything to divert their public’s attention from the economic hardship suffered by the indigenous population because of nearly four million Syrian refugees in the country. The Turkish population is demonstrating in the streets. This program discusses the implications that caused the arrest of two innocent Israeli civilians on vacation in Turkey’ charged with espionage and their sudden release. Why did both our highest officers of state personally phone to thank the Turks for the release, which is prove of their innocents. Should this have been used for diplomatic overtures? And this program asks how a career criminal slipped through the security net to be employed in the home of our defence minister.  

9 Nov 2021, 11am

9 Nov 2021, 11am Walter’s World How our government limps on the crutches lent by Monsour Abbas  and  It Is 83 years since Kristallnacht,  the Night of the Broken Glass.   Hear Walter’s account of the background and cause of the horrendous Nazi pogrom during the night 9-10 November, 1938, that is recognised as the beginning of the Holocaust. The gateway to Jerusalem is how the Tower of David Citadel describes itself. It is at present undergoing a total renewal of its courtyards and exhibition areas to facilitate easy access. Entrance will be from a new pavilion on the west side of its walls. There is a report of the progress. As finally travel restrictions to and from Israelare beingrelaxed,the program’s travel adviser discusses the implications, Israeli’s favoured destinations and required documentation. Also, the hotel situation in Israel. Invaluable information for the prospective visitor as well as for Israelis intending to travel abroad. Also why our unsustainable government must and will fall. The alternative is that coalition partner Mansour Abbas and his Arab Party will dictate Israel’s policy. And is climate change really such a priority for little Israel that we sent 140 delegates to the Glasgow conference, when China is 437 times larger than Israel and is the world’s largest polluter and still builds coal mines? Why did Naftali Bennett attend when neither Xi Jinping, of China, nor Vladimir Putin, of Russia, did? Just a photo opportunity!  Plus USDemocrats ponder the ominous signs for the mid-term elections.  

2 Nov 2021, 11am

2 Nov 2021, 11am Walter’s World How does critical race theory affect Jewish life?   Walter shares his thoughts on tikun olam, how to repair the world Is Israel: A light unto the nations following the path of righteousness? Why our government is a joke.The absence of collective cabinet responsibility leads to contradictory ministerial actions and strife between ministers. The world exploits this weakness.  Problems at the Western Wall. The old claims of the progressive element against the orthodox administration have again become acute. Al bout: The conflict between the state (particularly in the US), and parenthood. Hear about today’s detrimental lifestyle. How the lack of morality and ethics by our leaders and their unbecoming language influence our youth. Biden’s chutzpah: How the US expects to be consulted before Israel takes security measures to protect the nation against Palestinian Arab covert aggression. More evidence of how Israel’s Supreme Court’s bias hurt’s the Jewish people. A report: on the nation’s COVID health and who cannot give blood. Plus the UN Human Rights Organisation’s focus on Israel to shield their own abuses. And more.

19 Oct 2021, 11am

19 Oct 2021, 11am Walter’s World Our Supreme Court’s unsustainable powers Let’s fight for the right to our land   Why only Israel has a legal right to this land. Arab claims based on documents issued by Jordan during their illegal 19 years of occupation of Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem are fake and cannot be recognised. The Supreme Court of Israel deserves much criticism in this matter. It’s self-imposed powers of ‘legislating’ must be curtailed in an extensive overhaul. It was another successful Jerusalem Post annual conference with speeches revealing the thoughts and plans of the movers and shakers who influence our lives. What is the national drone Initiative? Don’t miss this fascinating report of what to expect in the months to come. Hear what happened at the infamous Durban VI conference? Hear how Israel practices tikun olam in Afghanistan, while the US Biden administration is helpless.  

5 Oct 2021, 11am

5 Oct 2021, 11am Walter’s World Naftali Bennett lies and his partner Yair Lapid is the left’s Trojan horse Bennett’s emphatic statement that to be Prime Minister with just 10 Knesset seats is undemocratic. But he has only six! Also there will be no government with the left or Arabs, said Bennett. Today, they are Bennett’s coalition partners, and he does their bidding!  Lapid: Lives in cloud cuckoo land; he is prepared to offer Israel’s silver for phoney Arab promises, because he does not understand the Palestinian Arab mentality and intentions. Hear wow our Foreign Minister intends to lay the cornerstone for a Palestinian state within Israel, when he God forbid succeeds as Prime Minister. The tactical errors of 16 years ago still affect our daily life today. How our new, otherwise great state President slipped-up badly. Also: Examples of US President Biden’s inability to be the leader of the free world. And more.

23 Aug 2021, 10am

23 Aug 2021, 10am Walter’s World Polish pogroms: true to their tradition and Black lives matter Israeli style Hear about the unwanted phenomena that the wind blows in from America, including elitism of colour for Sephardim.   How to combat COVID the American way. Strict for citizens and indifferent for illegal immigrants. What President Biden’s sudden unscheduled departure from Afghanistan means for several other countries that trusted American protection and support and how Israel always insisted not to rely on anyone else for its security. Polish officialgovernment inspired Jew hatred in the 21st century is continuing their tradition. Their new anti-restitution law is tantamount to a pogrom. Where do Jews have permanent security of tenure? You have one guess. A different kind of Aliyah. Walter talks with an Israeli flight school instructor about avoiding the ever-increasing traffic jams and go up, up and away.

10 Aug 2021, 12pm

10 Aug 2021, 12pm Walter’s World Is Judaism Torah law or tribal history? And a tale of two drinks It’s 10 days to nuclear break-out. Iran is on the brink of producing nuclear weapons.  Does anyone care? Congratulations to ourOlympic gold winner. Now he wants to get married, but does his medal make him Jewish? If your favourite drink is coffee or whisky: this program will bring you facts that you may not have heard before. A must for whisky-lovers.

3 Aug 2021, 10am

3 Aug 2021, 10am Walter’s World One view of the Charedi lifestyle.Can ultra-orthodoxy survive the influences of the modern world? Today’s program is devoted to an in-depth investigation into why every year hundreds of ultra-orthodox (Charedi) youth leave their families and their life-style to enter the secular world Hear in their own words, why they left, as they open-up to Walter with their innermost thoughts. What moves them to take that step? Can they cope, entering into the unknown with little secular knowledge or education? How do their families react? Do they believe in God, or any Jewish ritual? Also: An interview with a representative of ‘Out for Change’  an organisation that helps those, who have left the ultra-orthodox lifestyle, to integrate into the secular world.

20 Jul 2021, 9am

20 Jul 2021, 9am Walter’s World Where is God? Are we not worthy of better? and It always happens on Tisha b’Av. Walter recounts the calamities that befell the Jewish people throughout history at the time of Tisha b’Av and asks why? Hear: About the largest prayer meeting held in Israel to rescind the evil decree by Prime Minister Sharon do destroy 17 Jewish villages and expel their 8600 residents from their homes in Gush Katif at Tisha b’Av in 2005. And: Walter’s radio rabbi discusses the reasons why we still lament events long past and what exactly we mourn.

6 Jul 2021, 11am

6 Jul 2021, 11am Walter’s World Our friends the Native American Indians and Dirty tricks to please Arabs An  assessment of the essence of our government of change and the direction into which Prime Minister Bennett is taking the country. How the government’s scams the residents of Evyatar to leave their longstanding homes, with promises they don’t intend to fulfil. That’s reminiscent of the trick employed by convicted criminal and former prime minister Olmert in Chevron. Hear Walter’s harrowing report from the expulsion of two families in Hevron in 2007.  This would be the experience of the 53 families in Evyatar if they resist. Did you know that Jews and Native American Indians have more in common than having been expelled from their ancestral land? Listen to this fascinating story of their genetic similarities with Jews, that will amaze you. That’s the reason why Native American Indians love Jews and Israel.

29 Jun 2021, 10am

29 Jun 2021, 10am Walter’s World Will the next war be with drones? and How the Arab Ra’am Party is running the show. Our country is divided about the effectiveness and policy of our  "government of change". Is it really for the better? Hear about the charter of the Arab Ra’am Party, partners in government, and their demands in return for support, and how they use democracy in order to overturn it. That was also Hitler’s method. Arab Party offered ministries for votes at the suicidal family reunification ballot. Ifour homosexual deputy foreign minister would have his way, the LTGBQ rainbow flag would be raised over all official buildings. It already flies by the side of the national flag on our foreign office. He considers it important for home and abroad. How the commendable Im Tirtzu organisation fought for the reinstatement of the flag march. The government’s ominous intentions to afford equal national status to the Conservative and Reform movement, which implies the ability to convert by the local rabbi. CRT Critical Race Theory is the new buzzword in the US. Now, race is defined as a socially constructed and culturally invented category, used to oppress and exploit blacks. Drone wars A review of the latest book explaining the significance of drones to our future. Plus the near decimation of our travel and tourist industry and how this ill wind benefits  the local tourist spots. And more.

21 Jun 2021, 9am

21 Jun 2021, 9am Walter’s World Our government of shame  and The absurdity of the Norwegian law How the smallest party has the largest influence. Mansour Abbas and his four seat Arab Ra’am party are the puppet masters pulling the strings of Naftali Bennett. Learn the real reason why Israel has adopted the Norwegian law; and it’s not to free Ministers to have more time for their departmental duties. Hear a 19-year-old law student arguing in a mature way  at a Cambridge University Debate that Israel is a rogue state, in a way that you would least expect; and you will love it. Must not miss. Also The overt anti-Israel decision by the British Foreign Office. Hear the unbelievable truth of institutional anti-Semitism in the UK government. Plus Why Walter criticises a pro-Israel friendly American activist. And three coins in the fountain and more

14 Jun 2021, 10am

14 Jun 2021, 10am Walter’s World Annual flag march deemed offensive, but LGBTQ march is acceptable  Who needs Israel? Let’s face it, everyone does Political: Party policies delay establishment of government, but the last chance to scupper the "Government of Change" has passed Friday afternoon. Advice and information to the anti-Semites and Israel haters. Hear an important life lesson How the Women of the Wall fake religious devotion for political ends and cause disturbance at the Western Wall that leads to fights. Plus Cancel Culture has reached the story of Snow White. And more

9 Jun 2021, 11pm

9 Jun 2021, 11pm Walter’s World We installed a Trojan horse in the highest echelon of government Will this government last even a year?  We have a "government of change" for the worse, in which every party pulls in a different direction. Hear about Israel’s new president. Will he be able to take off his party-political hat? My personal rebuke of Naftali Bennett, who changed his political direction like a wind-vane and cheated his voters. All about the continuous pain suffered by our frontline citizens as a result of failed action in Gaza. The inclusion of an Arab party in government is a serious miscalculation brought about by the eagerness to oust Netanyahu at all cost. Yes, he needed to be replaced, but the cost of the means will soon be shown to have been too high. We have a Trojan Horse in government and the civil service. What is our government hiding about the agreements among the parties? Why will they not disclose it to the Knesset? Did the defence minister promise the Americans a building freeze in Yehuda and Shomron? Is the new clique going to fall for the Hamas approach for a disproportionate prisoner swap and give the 1111 terrorists back? Why are the so-called Arab refugees so keen to change Europe into the oppressive Muslim regime that they left to have a better life? Plus hear how Haredi, ultra-orthodox youth are leaving the fold but have difficulties to find their place in the secular world. And more.

19 May 2021, 9am

19 May 2021, 9am Walter’s World A festival weekend with mixed emotions and Only an eliminating blow will end Hamas rule Hear Walter’s reports from his visit to Ashkelon. He sees the destruction, hears about the casualties, talks with the Mayor of the city and the Head of the emergency department of the Barzilai hospital there, as well as with the Zaka representative. Also How should this war be concluded. Is our government doing what it can, or should the IDF enter Gaza? Plus Are the Hamas leaders acting like Hitler Y”sh in Berlin, fighting the last battle to the death? And More

11 May 2021, 9am

11 May 2021, 9am Walter’s World A political overview Are Lapid or Bennett the prime ministers you would like? Here is an assessment of the twisted, contortionist manoeuvres of our politicians in their quest to get a comfortable ministerial chair. Also An assessment from afar of the first 100 days of the Biden administration. Hear what seems to be the swan song of President Rivlin, who is due to step down in June. Plus a musical celebration of Jerusalem Day. And Walter’s view of the kind of government needed to achieve stability and safety for Israel.

5 May 2021, 9am

5 May 2021, 9am Walter’s World CATCH-UP PROGRAM The election: All lies and rhetoric not policies. How: The wannabes are horse trading for ministerial posts. While: America cancels culture, Israel cancels COVID Hear: All about Biden border madness. Who: Killed George Floyd? The trial that dominates the US press and TV. Why: They chose a fox to guard the chicken shed. The new American deal. Plus: Walter’s political commentary from years ago. Has anything changed? Also: The insult of comparing the Yellow Star with the green passport. A desecration of the Holocaust on the eve of Yom Hashoah, Israel’s Memorial Day or the 6 million murdered Jews.

4 May 2021, 9am

4 May 2021, 9am Walter’s World Sex and prostitution among inmates at Auschwitz and Self-defence in Israel an absolute necessity Hear how a Jewish doctor, an inmate at Auschwitz, saved lives by performing abortions against her ethical and moral convictions. How she interacted with Dr Mengele and Irma Grese, the head of the SS women guards. A harrowing account of existence in the Hungarian women’s camp. An absolute must-hear. And an interview with the world renowned Israeli ‘Krav Maga’ instructor about the Israeli art of self-defence, now more than ever a necessity. Also comments about US President Biden’s border policy. And Prime Minister Netanyahu’s juggling act.

24 Mar 2021, 9am

24 Mar 2021, 9am Walter’s World Corruption has penetrated every facet of our public life and The hunger for power is overwhelming our politicians Hear about the corrupt and unethical election practices in Israel. Walter says all parties’ lack of respect and decency to their fellow citizen may prevent him from exercising his civic duty to vote. No right-wing party presented a clean image. Our "vaccination miracle" is tarnished; not only by irresponsible population groups but also by immoral government action to garner election support. COVID: The consequences in Israel and the hidden financial cost to people working from home. The cardinal sin of throwing eggs at opponents, while there is shortage of food in many homes. Israel iswrong to allow Jews to immigrate to Israel but not to allow non-Jews and "Palestinians" to do so. Thus spoke a law professor. Walter tells him why it is HE who is wrong. Also: The warped vacation habits of Israelis Plus a word about President Biden’s memory. And more.

18 Mar 2021, 9am

18 Mar 2021, 9am Walter’s World The thin end of the wedge and Israel in 2004 v today   Why we cannot allow Israel’s Supreme Court to rule on halacha (Jewish religious law) Listen to the chutzpah of Ester Hayut. "Who is a Jew – I decide."  Echoes of You know who. 2004 Everything is the same today, just differently packaged. 2004 A radio news bulletin from Kol Yisrael. Any change? Hear why only Jerusalem’s had a volunteer police force and what they were expected to do. Two important interviews 2004: How a ministersees Israel versus the Palestinian Arabs; their aims and errors. Hear the interview with the power behind Arutz 7 in 2004 following the court case for illegal broadcasting.

9 Mar 2021, 1pm

9 Mar 2021, 1pm Walter’s World This is a remake of Walter’s program from about a year ago. Why does Prime Minister Netanyahu not keep his promises?  And, Should Netanyahu be granted immunity from prosecution? Hear why Walter believes that we are living in times similar to those of the 1930s in Germany. In this age of gender equality, should we have more women rabbis and also play music at prayer services as per psalms 150 and 33? Plus an interview with the multifaceted singer, actor, social activist, the late Theodor Bikel z"l. The annual congress of the World Union of Jewish Students. And more

23 Feb 2021, 11am

23 Feb 2021, 11am Walter’s World An assessment of our uncertain political future and The election debacle Hear how Walter views our political parties’ feeble election preparations and their low opinion of the electorate’s intelligence. Also Amalek, Purim and the present time.

16 Feb 2021, 11am

16 Feb 2021, 11am Walter’s World How one man saved the world’s Yiddish literature from being lost Also Stories, places and events that shaped the Jewish world Today the program is devoted to extraordinary stories and some of the history that shaped the Jewish world. There is nothing to depress you, because there is not a word of politics. Hear how one man saved the world’s Yiddish literature from being lost forever. And all about the oldest active synagogue in the US and its fascinating history and connection with George Washington. Also: Join Walter on a journey through the cradle of Jewish life in Europe. The Rhineland, steeped in Jewish history. Descent some old mikvot washed by the river Rhine. Visit the home of our revered sage Rashi and hear where you find his original chair. These are just some of the historic sights discussed.

9 Feb 2021, 11am

9 Feb 2021, 11am Walter’s World The malaise that afflicts our political leadership and Anti-Semitism 76 years after Auschwitz.  Hear how some parts of our country are sick, affecting every segment of our population, yet the compassionate society thrives. Should we allow a state within a state? The immoral reasons that motivate the machinations of our politicians. Listen why it is imperative that we change our electoral system. Today’s electorate are the party leaders, not the voters. Walter explains why assimilation does not eliminate anti-Semitism; its manifestation in the relatively recent past, when even World War I was blamed on Jews. Theevidence presented in today’s program of the dangerous spread of Muslim extremism in the US and their encouragement for violent action against Jews  should motivate all American Jews who are interested in their children’s Jewish future, to make aliyah, to move to Israel while they are still able to do so comfortably.

31 Jan 2021, 9am

31 Jan 2021, 9am Walter’s World 22 concentration camp doctors from hell and International Holocaust Remembrance Day Hear the eyewitnessreport by the first Rrabbi who entered the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen and had to step over 10,000 unburied corpses and then conduct mass burials of thousands at the same time. Listen to the Court stenographers account of the war crimes trial of the Nazi camp doctors and the evidence of the surviving victims on whose bodies they carried out the cruel and horrific medical experiments in the name of progress and patriotism. Also Walter’s thought about the actions of the tech companies (Google,Twitter and Amazon) to facilitate the American Political Horror Show. Plus some comments on the contradiction of President Biden’s declared aims to create unity. And more.