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J-AIR Presenter Leon Gettler
Veteran journalist Leon Gettler.

Leon Gettler has worked in journalism for 45 years. He has worked for the Truth, The Sun News-Pictorial, The Age, The Australian and AAP. As a freelance journalist, he has contributed to magazines such as CFO, CRN, ProPrint, Management Today, Charter Magazine, BRW and Business Spectator. He runs a weekly podcast Talking Business. He has also written three books: An Unpromised Land, Organisations Behaving Badly and Ten Ways to Survive the Corporate World. He is working as a research assistant for the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub. He is now doing a PhD on newspapers, innovation and communities.

Gettler does two programs for J-AIR: Talking Tachless which presents all the week’s news, along with great music, and Shlepping and Shmoozing with Alex Dafner which looks at all the week’s news, what’s happening in the Jewish world, a discussion of books, films and TV to watch, along with great music.

Shlepping and Shmoozing (Thursdays, 5pm)

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