Wednesdays, 3pm

Soul Talk with Rabbi David Aaron, hosted by Leorah Mandel. Rabbi Aaron ( is a spiritual visionary and master educator who has invested more than 40 years delving into life’s biggest questions and sharing Torah’s transformational wisdom with adults and young adults. He has emerged as the “God expert” simply because he has dared to ask and answer the most difficult questions that people have and struggle with about God’s existence and their own. Leora is a teacher, therapist wife and mother of three. She was trained as a professional counselor and marriage and family therapist in the US and has been enriched through her experience working with individuals, couples and families. In addition to helping people empower their lives through the therapeutic process, Leora has a passion for teaching Torah in a way that both elucidates the text and most importantly, gives tools on how to apply Torah lessons to practically change lives for the better.

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