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3 Nov 2020, 11am

3 Nov 2020, 11am 2/11/2020 Our Kitchen Table LIZ DAVIDSON WITH KATE AUSTIN-PINCHAPOO                                                 OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                     CREATE    CONNECT   COMMUNITY                       FROM ABUSE TO PINCHAPOO & LIFE IN BETWEEN Today’s guest with Our Kitchen Table is KATE AUSTIN, Founder and CEO of Pinchapoo. Pichapoo is a cheeky start-up turned national NFP organisation founded on the idea of pinching hotel toiletries for those in need. Kate is an energetic visionary who has been driven by her personal adversity to create change and promote the profound impact that personal hygiene plays in rehabilitating lives. Kate’s personal story of resilience and social entrepreneurship is truly inspiring. Handmade Mitzvahs with Out Kitchen Table Sunday, 10.30am 15 November Mitzvah Day

5 Oct 2020, 4pm

5 Oct 2020, 4pm 5/10/2020 Our Kitchen Table OUR KITCHEN TABLE LIZ DAVIDSON WITH VIVIENNE GOLABECK-HOW TO CROCHET A HEART                                                   OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                         CREATE.  CONNECT.  COMMUNITY Today’s guest VIVIENNE GOLABEK taught team Our Kitchen Table how to crochet a heart. Every heart will decorate an essential item to be donated to someone in need through Our Kitchen Table. CONTACTS     0411 741 402 [email protected]