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3 Nov 2020, 11am

3 Nov 2020, 11am Special Community Events                                                 OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                     CREATE    CONNECT   COMMUNITY                       FROM ABUSE TO PINCHAPOO & LIFE IN BETWEEN Today’s guest with Our Kitchen Table is KATE AUSTIN, Founder and CEO of Pinchapoo. Pichapoo is a cheeky start-up turned national NFP organisation founded on the idea of pinching hotel toiletries for those in need. Kate is an energetic visionary who has been driven by her personal adversity to create change and promote the profound impact that personal hygiene plays in rehabilitating lives. Kate’s personal story of resilience and social entrepreneurship is truly inspiring. Handmade Mitzvahs with Out Kitchen Table Sunday, 10.30am 15 November Mitzvah Day

5 Oct 2020, 4pm

5 Oct 2020, 4pm Special Community Events                                                   OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                         CREATE.  CONNECT.  COMMUNITY Today’s guest VIVIENNE GOLABEK taught team Our Kitchen Table how to crochet a heart. Every heart will decorate an essential item to be donated to someone in need through Our Kitchen Table. CONTACTS     0411 741 402 [email protected]

19 Sep 2020, 12pm

19 Sep 2020, 12pm Special Community Events Dedicated in memory of the late NATHAN MOND, who we lost suddenly on this day just one year ago.   Nathan’s memory is a blessing.  I miss you mate. Efraim Yaacobi talked the talk as a madrich and Rosh-head of a Zionist Youth Movement in Australia during the late 1960’s and early 70’s, he  then walked the walk. Born in Israel, he grew up in Australia making aliyah in 1973, Effi’s life journey has been that of a passion for Israel.  A true Zionist, A Mensch. Many many Thanks Stephen Dodson and the Christadelphians, for this great interview and support for Israel. Exploring Israel With Effi   [email protected]   972 52 8566667

14 Sep 2020, 8pm

14 Sep 2020, 8pm Special Community Events                                                        OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                               CREATE  CONNECT  COMMUNITY Today’s guest with Our Kitchen Table is REBBETZIN RIVKAH YURKOWICZ from Chabad Malvern, with some Soulful Baking in the leadup to Rosh Hashanah. Al at team Our Kitchen Table were treated to Challah lessons with the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the new year during these pandemic times. Liz Davidson  Founder/CEO Our Kitchen Table [email protected]      Phone  0411 7411402

7 Sep 2020, 8pm

7 Sep 2020, 8pm Special Community Events                                                  OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                         CREATE CONNECT COMMUNITY ESTHER ALTHAUS is an award winner financial adviser, speaker, motivator and enjoyer of life. Esther share her financial wisdom through covid-19, including tips, traps and bad habits to avoid.   A great learning experience with an opportunity for self-assessments. Liz Davidson  Founder/CEO Our Kitchen Table [email protected]      Phone  0411 7411402

31 Aug 2020, 6pm

31 Aug 2020, 6pm Special Community Events                                                 OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                            CREATE CONNECT COMMUNITY The team at Our Kitchen Table were provided with a treat for body and soul by their zoom guest CHARLENE MILLER showing them how to create a special dish Exotic Mushroom Risotto. Trust me, I was salivating watching the preparations from the J-AIR studio, simply delicious. Charlene has started a new business ROMEATHOME_GOURMET and can be contacted at [email protected] Bon Appetite

30 Aug 2020, 5pm

30 Aug 2020, 5pm Special Community Events                                           LIFE IS BETTER IN LOCKDOWN This is the 6th Year, starting in 2015 of this comedy debate. It originally began as and continues to be, a friendly competition between MaccabiToastmasters and B’nai B’rith Gesher Unit. Sue Moskowitz, as a member of both committees, has been pivotal in pulling these two parties together. Each successive time this event has been performed it has become more and more popular; culminating with an audience last year of over 80 people. It is now a tried and tested formula; not only is it a competition between two sets of brilliant minds but even more importantly it’s great fun. Just before last year’s debate, B’nai B’rith Yitzhak Rabin Unit merged with Gesher and as a result, not only have they put more bums on seats, but they have also become an integral partner in the Gesher-Rabin debating team. The debate’s success can not only be measured by its ever-increasing demand but also by the amount it has given to charities. Last year through this event, a magnificent $1,100 was donated to Testicular Cancer Research. The topics have ranged from Jewish themes “Arranged marriages are Better” and “Life is nothing but Tsores”, “Does Kvetching get you anywhere?” to social themes “The Best Things in life are Free” and “Honesty is Overrated”. Once again, this year’s theme is a social topic which is occupying everyone’s minds.” Life is better in Lockdown”. Our  M.C. is J-AIR Shabbat Shalom presenter Maurice Klein.   We would appreciate it if you could donate to our nominated charities. C CARE    &    SOUPER KITCHEN If previous years are anything to go by, you can expect to enjoy a hilarious evening. It’s never been more important to escape from these gloomy times than now and this has to be one of the best ways to do it.  AFFIRMATIVE – B’nai Brith Gesher-Rabin Stephen Moskowitz Tom Zafir Sue Newman NEGATIVE/OPPOSITION – Maccabi Toastmasters Moha Ganji Susie Berkowitz Amanda Holmes Exploring Israel With Effi  [email protected]   972 52 8566667

24 Aug 2020, 8pm

24 Aug 2020, 8pm Special Community Events                                                  OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                        CREATE CONNECT COMMUNITY The Project Dignity Crisis Relief program supports refugee students and their families who are seeking asylum in Australia, many of which have lost their jobs, with no likelihood of finding employment. With COVID-19 restrictions most of them do not have sufficient basic provisions to survive, nor are they eligible for any Government assistance. We here from ELLYBROOKS, NICOLE BROWN and KAREN DUNWOODIE, what Project Dignity does to help provide essentials to these students and their families Elly Brooks ; 0409 002 485   Nicole Brown 0425 774 712   and website details. 

17 Aug 2020, 5pm

17 Aug 2020, 5pm Special Community Events                                                         OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                                CREATE CONNECT COMMUNITY Today’s guest with our Kitchen Table is SUE GLASSER. Sue is an Organising and Mindset Mentor, Speaker, Trainer, Time Management Expert and Consultant. Sue takes us on an informative journey to help us take an active role in protecting and building our wellbeing and happiness particularly during periods of stress. Sue guides us through structuring a workable weekly schedule providing the foundation for your self-care. OURKITCHENTABLE.ORG.AU

10 Aug 2020, 10pm

10 Aug 2020, 10pm Special Community Events                                                 OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                           CREATE CONNECT COMMUNITY Today’s fabulous OKT guest is JUDY KOLT who shares her incredible story with us. Judy is a holocaust survivor, author, mother and grandmother, and one ball of energy. You will absolutely love this amazing woman and her book, Tell It To The Squirrels

4 Aug 2020, 5pm

4 Aug 2020, 5pm Special Community Events                                              OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                        CREATE CONNECT COMMUNITY Zooming OKT with your host LIZ DAVIDSON. Are you sad, lonely, bored, all dressed up with nowhere to go? Well NICOLE RESS SILBERBERG takes us on an unforgettable immersion in French life; a journey that ignites your 5 senses.  Viva La France

27 Jul 2020, 10pm

27 Jul 2020, 10pm Special Community Events                                                OUR KITCHEN TABLE  OKT guest speaker; Rabbanit Judith Levitan, is a lawyer with over 15 years’ experience in the field of social justice. She currently works at Legal Aid NSW where she uses Human Centred Design to innovate and improve legal services for disadvantaged people. Rabbanit Judith holds degrees in Law and Social Work and her honours thesis in Social Work was focused on community attitudes to domestic violence. 

20 Jul 2020, 9pm

20 Jul 2020, 9pm Special Community Events                                                 OUT KITCHEN TABLE                                            Create     Connect     Community RABBI GABI KALTMANN’S warm nature and genuine love and care for the people of this community has helped him excel in many endeavors. Rabbi Kaltmann is in the G-D and people business, he loves it

13 Jul 2020, 8pm

13 Jul 2020, 8pm Special Community Events                                                  OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                        CREATE   CONNECT   COMMUNITY  Our Kitchen Table’s guest today is  LEANNE MILLS, founder of Delicate Days. Leanne is the queen of change and a decluttering expert, Leanne shares her tips today on how to break your next decluttering project into simple baby steps.  Great work. Our Kitchen Table  contact     [email protected]

6 Jul 2020, 5pm

6 Jul 2020, 5pm Special Community Events                                            OUR KITCHEN TABLE                                   CREATE.    CONNECT.  COMMUNITY    Today’s G-D’s gift guest with Our Kitchen Table is GINA POULOS with her                              THEODORA’S HOUSE CHEERFUL GIVERS. Gina is the fairy godmother of Frankston. Along with her volunteers, Gina does incredible work to feed, clothe, and provide care and support to thousands of families and individuals doing it tough.  GINA’S STORY IS TRULY A BLESSING, hear her story, and learn what we as a community can do to help those in need. Our Kitchen Table contact [email protected]

29 Jun 2020, 11pm

29 Jun 2020, 11pm Special Community Events Today’s guest for Our Kitchen Table’s weekly Zoom is STACY JANE with her Escabags. Stacy’s story is one of resilience and what one woman did to reinvent herself after living in an abusive relationship. From abuse to survival with everything in between, a raw powerful and inspirational journey. ESCABAGS OUR KITCHEN TABLE   Create Connect Community

22 Jun 2020, 5pm

22 Jun 2020, 5pm Special Community Events Today’s Our Kitchen Table’s guest-host is MARK CARTER. MARK CARTER is an International keynote speaker, Trainer, Coach, and DREAMCATCHER MAKER. Mark Carter, a charismatic motivational speaker, and TedX presenter, who just so happens to make dreamcatchers. In today’s OKT Dreamcatcher making workshop, Mark will-is taking everyone through his story behind his craft and everyone’s learning a new skill   OKT will provide you with a kit should you wish to donate your dreamcatcher to children in need. Our Kitchen Table