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On the Ball
On the Ball crew Simon, Justin and Jedd.

On the Ball discusses all news and important events in sport domestically and internationally. Simon, Justin and Jedd will discuss all sports in depth and will chat with guests for their opinions of key events that happened in the week of sport.

The boys will also chat about sport in the community whether its about Jewish individuals, clubs and even Jewish sport stars doing well on the international stage. So join in with the boys on their fun and banter, and you’ll even be able to listen to some good tunes too.

Simon Fisher, host

Simon has been involved in sport in the community for over 20 years. Simon has played multiple different sports for Ajax, Maccabi and representative teams. He has also worked and been involved with committees in Maccabi sporting clubs. Simon has been hosting the On The Ball show on J-AIR for nearly five years. He was also a key part of the J-AIR commentary team for Ajax Football Club games in the VAFA. He has a keen interest in sport and if there was a year 12 or university subject in sport knowledge, he would get full marks.

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9 Apr 2021, 11am

9 Apr 2021, 11am On The Ball

23 Oct 2020, 7pm

23 Oct 2020, 7pm On The Ball