A new medical show to J-AIR. Thursdays at 5pm, The Third Opinion Uncensored covers COVID-19, global health, medical research and much more.

The Third Opinion Uncensored is a program in which we will ask questions and have critical discussions that you will not hear elsewhere – about all things COVID-19.

We explore science, health and wellbeing, public health policy and ethics, the media and the impact of censorship. 

We will bring you trusted diverse voices from Australia and around the world to give you insights into: 

  • The latest evidence-based science and medicine.  
  • Medical decision-making. Who decides what doctors can and can’t do, and why? 
  • What and who influences our government and our media? 
  • And, the ethical dilemmas of public health.  

We believe the The Third Opinion Uncensored community will empower you to feel less fear as we look beyond the media headlines to create a space for critical thinking and intelligent discussion. 

We interview scientists, doctors, specialists and professors from around the world who share their knowledge, research and solutions in managing the complex world COVID and in treatment of spike protein-induced injuries. 

This program is for those who want to hear uncensored perspectives.