9 May 2024, 11:06am

9 May 2024, 11:06am J-AIR Special Events

20 Apr 2024, 10:21pm

20 Apr 2024, 10:21pm J-AIR Special Events On April 9, Professor Andrew Markus gave a talk at the Lamm Library on the topic: “Understanding support for radical Islam after October 7”. J-AIR is proud to bring you a recording of this talk as part of our efforts to broadcast special events that take place across our community.    Andrew Markus is Emeritus Professor in Monash University’s School of International, Historical and Philosophical Studies. 

12 Apr 2024, 3:04pm

12 Apr 2024, 3:04pm J-AIR Special Events J-AIR 88 FM is proud to share this insightful panel discussion hosted by Kehilat Nitzan on April 7, 2024.  "October 7, the Jews and the Left" was the panel discussion topic.  The two esteemed panellists are: Michel Gawenda, journalist, reporter, editor and author of 'My Life as a Jew'; and Professor Philip Mendes, Director of Social Inclusion and Social Policy Research Unity, Department of Social Work, Monash University.  The discussion was moderated by Sam Lipski, AO. Thank you to David Schulberg, host of J-AIR's The Israel Connexion for producing the recording. 

3 Mar 2024, 5:40pm

3 Mar 2024, 5:40pm J-AIR Special Events

3 Mar 2024, 5:31pm

3 Mar 2024, 5:31pm J-AIR Special Events