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High on Life and Lily Steiner

Lily Steiner came to Australia from Russia at the age of four. She very much appreciates growing up in a warm and wonderful Jewish community in Melbourne, Australia. Since then she has been blessed to live and work in many parts of the world and with diverse global communities. Her roots are in education and broadcasting, and expanded into sales and marketing, business strategy, always with an intuitive, spiritual philosophy that required honest, integrity and common sense. Coming back to radio when returning to Australia was a joy that reignited a passion from early days when Lily studied with doyen Lee Murray, in the early days of radio.

The purpose of life is to feel good. When you feel good everyone around you feels better and life flows more easily. There will always be challenges in life and being able to deal with them and come back to a personal equilibrium adds a positive quality to life. I love talking to people and bringing out their personal stories so we all realise we cannot judge anyone by outer appearances. My goal is to encourage everyone to find that feeling of love in our hearts so we can be a little kinder and smile a little more.