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High on Life and Lily Steiner

J-AIR Presenter Lily Steiner
High on Life host Lily Steiner.

Lily Steiner came to Australia from Russia at the age of four. She very much appreciates growing up in a warm and wonderful Jewish community in Melbourne, Australia. Since then she has been blessed to live and work in many parts of the world and with diverse global communities. Her roots are in education and broadcasting, and expanded into sales and marketing, business strategy, always with an intuitive, spiritual philosophy that required honest, integrity and common sense. Coming back to radio when returning to Australia was a joy that reignited a passion from early days when Lily studied with doyen Lee Murray, in the early days of radio.

The purpose of life is to feel good. When you feel good everyone around you feels better and life flows more easily. There will always be challenges in life and being able to deal with them and come back to a personal equilibrium adds a positive quality to life. I love talking to people and bringing out their personal stories so we all realise we cannot judge anyone by outer appearances. My goal is to encourage everyone to find that feeling of love in our hearts so we can be a little kinder and smile a little more.

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14 Jan 2021, 1pm

14 Jan 2021, 1pm Lily High on Life How is it possible that Democratic leaders are lying on video, even with evidence to the contrary of what they are saying ? How is it possible a whole mainstream media is totally against the President of the United States ? How is it possible Big Tech is cutting off free speech and has banned the President of the United States ? This is not a movie, we are watching this live and it is really happening and totally bizarre. How is it possible ?  

17 Dec 2020, 1pm

17 Dec 2020, 1pm Lily High on Life This is my personal view, based on facts and recorded so I do not have to continue arguing it and repeating it. Things are still unfolding, so no until the Inauguration on 20th January, 2021, I do not concede or accept this election was won my Joe Biden. The US 2020 election is the worst case of voter fraud ever perpetrated on any civilised country. It was deliberate, it was organized, it was extensive and as it is revealed in the coming years, and it will be, will shock and change the face of democracies for ever. That this extent of fraud could be conceived let alone perpetrated over the so called elites of the greatest country in history, that journalists, leaders and so many regular citizens could be taken over by the technology that was supposed to free them, is a story Hollywood could not reasonably construct. But history will unravel it in it’s full audacity.

3 Dec 2020, 1pm

3 Dec 2020, 1pm Lily High on Life Life is better when you feel good. Everything around you seems to be easier when you feel good. I talk about some simple methods of coming back to a place that feels good or at least better than what you can imagine in moments of feeling anything but your best. We all have those moments, so this about having less of them, and strategies for coming back from them. Change your attitude, change your life.  Be kind, smile a little more and always come from love. 

19 Nov 2020, 11pm

19 Nov 2020, 11pm Lily High on Life A very special interview with my mother, Sophie. She was born in Poland, grew up in Russia and was blessed to come to Australia. She reads voraciously and is very outspoken about world events. Coming out of a communist system into the Democracy that is Australia, she is very worried about what she has seen happening around her in recent years.  She has her testimony recorded in the Shoah Project, but today I speak to her about the differences in life she experienced in her lifetime.  Things we take so much for granted today.

19 Nov 2020, 1pm

19 Nov 2020, 1pm Lily High on Life A very special interview with my mother, Sophie. She was born in Poland, grew up in Russia and was blessed to come to Australia. She reads voraciously and is very outspoken about world events. Coming out of a communist system into the Democracy that is Australia, she is very worried about what she has seen happening around her in recent years.  She has her testimony recorded in the Shoah Project, but today I speak to her about the differences in life she experienced in her lifetime.  Things we take so much for granted today.

12 Nov 2020, 1pm

12 Nov 2020, 1pm Lily High on Life What others think about you or your options is none of your business if you want to feel good and enjoy your life. There are such divided options about The President Donald J. Trump and the challenger Joe Biden that people are enraged that anyone should believe anything different than they do. That type of rage does not make you feel good. It doesn’t allow you to lead other parts of your life to the fullest. The truth is you do not have to accept someone else’s opinion as your own, even if you are forced to raise a fist and declare that Black Lives Matter more than all lives in order to avoid physical violence. What you do need to do for your own peace of mind, is allow others to believe whatever they choose and get out of harm’s way. It is only under communism that you are actually killed or locked up for having different thoughts to the majority. This should not happen in a democracy but not everyone seems to agree. Disclaimer, I do believe in respecting the office of The President of the United States, and I do believe Donald J. Trump has done an excellent job in his first 4 years. 

5 Nov 2020, 1pm

5 Nov 2020, 1pm Lily High on Life Sue Smethurst is the epitome of ‘the better life gets, the better life gets’. She does not conceive of something she cannot achieve, it is just a matter or working out how to accomplish it. From a childhood in rural Australia she has met and entertained the rich and famous that you clamour to read about in your favourite magazines, she has hob nabbed with them all and then some. Her career achievements are formidable,  from editor of New Idea at the age of 26 to developing a skin care range sold in Henri Bendels and sold off to an International conglomerate.  Sue has managed to publish books, raise 2 children while remaining totally grounded and a true blue ‘nothing fazes me’ Aussie. We met about 20 years ago in L.A. and it was as if that was just yesterday. As impressed as I am with all Sue’s accomplishments, I love her unassuming real values and family priorities.

22 Oct 2020, 1pm

22 Oct 2020, 1pm Lily High on Life Your daily life could be so much easier and you could have so much more fun if you knew you were going to have a good day, each and every day.  How amazing would it be to see the world in a way that makes you happy.  You absolutely can. Change your attitude, change your life. 

9 May 2020, 4pm

9 May 2020, 4pm Lily High on Life Mai Gutman is an extremely sweet, accomplished young woman with a brilliant future and mature attitude to life. Born in Israel, growing up in Melbourne Australia, Mai chose to go back to Israel as a Lone Soldier once she finished school. Just returned to purse a Journalism degree in Melbourne, she is confident and articulate about her growth from a privileged teen into a real IDF combat soldier. 

12 Mar 2020, 1pm

12 Mar 2020, 1pm Lily High on Life Peter King seems like a regular guy, and he is. He escaped Romania with his parents when he was 4, and lived in Israel for 5 years before coming to Australia. A musician in his earlier years, he became very successful in all areas of his life. Financially, and also emotionally through relationships and fatherhood and spiritually through community work and long lasting friendships. At the same time, Peter also opens up about very personal challenges that you would not know about had he not generously shared them with us in this interview. He is the perfect interview that illustrates why I do the show Lily High on Life. Most of us do not realize the richness of the lives we pass every day in the streets. Life takes all of us on a roller coaster journey and Peter chooses to celebrate his blessings, many of which we did not even get to touch on in this all too short conversation.

5 Mar 2020, 1pm

5 Mar 2020, 1pm Lily High on Life Anne de Costa lives and shares her passion and joy every single day. From her depression and pain she took responsibility for her own life and learned a different way of being that transformed her previous reality and saw her blossom into a strong and vibrant woman.  She uses the education she gave herself to guide others into a better and more fulfilled life, leading by example and speaking from her heart. Gratitude for everything life has to give is the guiding path that brought her from Sri Lanka to the United States and eventually to the shores of Australia. Anne generously shares just a little of the wisdom that has transformed her own life. She recently had her first book published ‘The Mystical Explorer Wins’.

20 Feb 2020, 1pm

20 Feb 2020, 1pm Lily High on Life Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp is a ‘can do’ kind of girl ! She grew up with the attitude that anything and everything is possible, and maintains it today, instilling it in others. Sally has had many firsts throughout her career and shares those highlights, as well as some character building challenges in this very honest and wonderfully inspiring interview. Solid, down to earth and a team player in all her leadership roles, Sally has gone from strength to strength through confidence and innovation, with an inner guidance that makes her naturally stand out. She doesn’t follow the pack or shy away from a challenge. She has created new paradigms and pathways to both career and personal goals. Inspired by both parents’ entrepreneurial examples. She married her childhood sweetheart and has two wonderful boys that look like carrying on in their parents’ footsteps. It is little wonder she brings so much fun and light into the very important and enormous role she has chosen as Melbourne’s Lord Mayor.

14 Feb 2020, 6pm

14 Feb 2020, 6pm Lily High on Life Ben Morley is a passionate force to be reckoned with.  He grew up in Melbourne Australia, went to Mount Scopus College, has parents and a sister who adore him, recently got married, and is about to become a Dad himself.  He is using his personal story as the fire that drives him to make a difference each and every day in the lives of others. Smart, sincere and grateful for the life he gets to live, he takes nothing for granted and there is so much to be gained from knowing Ben. 

14 Feb 2020, 10am

14 Feb 2020, 10am Lily High on Life Rod Hardy is an acclaimed Australian Director who has also established a solid career in America. I have known Rod for over 30 years and was thrilled to be able to interview him because he is total heart and soul in human form, and has exuded love and kindness with a full personality and strength of character from the day I met him. He very generously shares his life as well as insights he has gathered as an amazing son, father, husband and friend. This is a very full interview right to the very end. He is a man that truly owns his own life and has had a wonderfully successful career to boot. 

6 Feb 2020, 1pm

6 Feb 2020, 1pm Lily High on Life Warren Wills, is a truly international musician, producer, director, creator, philanthropist and extraordinary talent. His innate talent and vision is making a huge difference in the world across communities and cultures never before linked. His commercial successes are impressive with successful shows in London’s West End, the Middle East and Australia. His philanthropic passion projects through Socially Inclusive Music Theatre even more so. Eurasia, the Middle East, London, Australia and points in between, Warren is still leading a extremely passionate, prolific, life that shows no signs of slowing down.