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This program, the brainchild of evergreen presenter Duane D Zigliotto (aka Captain D.d.Z). was tailor-made for multicultural Melbourne and was first aired in 1986 on 3ZZZ.

The program, presented in English, covers evergreen hits from countries around the globe and every third song is in English and the in-between tracks are generally classic hits such as La Vie en Rose, Volare, Granada, Never on a Sunday, and Ochi Chernye. The mix also includes perennial English artist in other languages including. Sir Cliff Richard in Italian, French, German and Spanish, Elvis Presley in Italian and Spanish, Barbra Streisand, Al Martino, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin (Dino) and Concetta Maria Rosa Franconero, aka Connie Francis are also some of the familiar names who exercise their multilingual talents.

The interviews keep on coming, live and pre-recorded and some classic golden memories from the Captain’s cellar of sound.

Other features of the show include, the top eight in the world’s musical charts and a live concert concludes the program.