Indie Spotlight Melbourne is a J-AIR radio show playing all the newest music made in Melbourne. Melbourne has a vivacious, creative community of musicians constantly creating new fresh sounds of all genres.

On the show we will not only be playing music but conducting live interviews with musicians. The two-hour show is hosted by singer-songwriter Shani Weiss and will be on every Thursday at 8pm

22 Feb 2024, 7:40pm

22 Feb 2024, 7:40pm Indie Spotlight Melbourne Ep.32 15.08.24 Primal Primal was formed in mid-2022, after frontman Ethan Taylor and Ocean Grove drummer Samuel Bassal had recorded what would come to be known as The Primal EP. Following the inception of this EP, Taylor went on behind the scenes to form Primal with Louis Cameron (guitar), Jack Mannock (bass), Jake Leahy (drums) and Pablo Tuke (keys). In October of 2022, the now fully-formed band released their debut single ‘Bodies’ and quickly rose to local popularity, with their first headliner (and simultaneously their first live appearance) selling out. This was quickly followed up by support slots for Yours Truly, Void of Vision, Those Who Dream, Juno and Ramona Sky, as well as achieving their first interstate shows all within the first year of performing as a band. Now the band is set to release their debut EP, due for release on February 2nd, 2024 – the thing that started it all in the first place. Primal is a band not to be missed in 2024.

22 Feb 2024, 7:28pm

22 Feb 2024, 7:28pm Indie Spotlight Melbourne Ep. 31 08.02.24 Louis Oscillating between millennial earnestness and gen-z irony with an inescapable optimistic base is Louis, a singer/songwriter hailing from Melbourne, Australia. His original tracks are awash with layers of introspective indie-folk, pure pop sensibilities and rebellious alt rock; marrying infectious hooks with odd individuality.

2 Feb 2024, 2:10pm

2 Feb 2024, 2:10pm Indie Spotlight Melbourne Ep. 30 01.02.24 Dan Cully First episode of the year with Dan Cully