Thursdays, 8pm

Indie Spotlight Melbourne is a J-AIR radio show playing all the newest music made in Melbourne. Melbourne has a vivacious, creative community of musicians constantly creating new fresh sounds of all genres.

On the show we will not only be playing music but conducting live interviews with musicians. The two-hour show is hosted by singer-songwriter Shani Weiss and will be on every Thursday at 8pm

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4 Jul 2024, 7:58pm

4 Jul 2024, 7:58pm Indie Spotlight Melbourne Suzie So Blue, a captivating musical force, seamlessly melds the soulful depths of blues with the rustic charm of country, creating a hypnotic and spellbinding sonic experience. Her unique tenor guitar style, characterised by its mesmerising melodies, adds an enchanting layer to her music that resonates deeply with listeners. With a voice that echoes the soulful traditions of Americana and the haunting allure of dark folk, Suzie So Blue's vocals convey emotions that are raw, poignant, and achingly beautiful, drawing audiences into her world of musical storytelling.

27 Jun 2024, 7:58pm

27 Jun 2024, 7:58pm Indie Spotlight Melbourne Internationally trained and award-winning musician Kara Ciezki earned her Bachelor of Music at the highly acclaimed University of Melbourne (1999), before traveling to New England Conservatory of Music (USA) where she completed her Masters in Historical and Contemporary Performance on Recorder (2003). Winning first place at the Woodwind Concerto Competition at the New England Conservatory, Kara debuted as a concert soloist on the recorder in 2001 at Jordan Hall, Boston, and since then has performed across Australia and the US, highlighting both her vocal and woodwind abilities.  In 2006 Kara began to shift her focus more exclusively towards voice and has since gained recognition among local and international musicians and producers, leading to successful collaborations, releases and performances, including Opera Australia, Orchestra Victoria, Pipistrelli Chamber Players, Soria Chamber Players, NEC Chamber Players, DJ Cubist, Asian Envy, Minister & Youthful Implants, Bongmoth, Black Sun Audio, After Dark Theatre, The Funk Buddies, Christopher Wiseman, Jared Haschek, and Jarrod Kirby. Kara is currently working on a number of new projects and recordings, including SMASH IT UP and Krystalline, and is heavily involved in Dolby Atmos and immersive sound. To find out more about Kara, her music, upcoming releases and shows, visit and/or

20 Jun 2024, 7:58pm

20 Jun 2024, 7:58pm Indie Spotlight Melbourne Mark Gardner is a singer song writer and multi-instrumentalist and with him we chat about his songs and his approach to song writing as well as his journey playing various instruments and his past and present projects.

6 Jun 2024, 7:58pm

6 Jun 2024, 7:58pm Indie Spotlight Melbourne Wizardom is Giuliano Avedikian from eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He is a multi-dimensional thought leader, performer, storyteller, writer, speaker. He authentically shares music, transmissions and various other projects/content, that is uplifting, vulnerable and thought provoking. He educates, entertains and inspires people to follow their magic through what he shares and who he is. He embraces truth, freedom, sovereignty, is in touch with awkwardness, weirdness and encourage others to do the same ie to be themselves. He inspires people to be unique and follow their passions no matter what age or personality type eg he is a quiet, late bloomer released his debut album “Synthcronicity” last year in his 40’s and is just starting.