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Shani Weiss.

Fresh Sounds IL is a J-AIR radio show, hosted by singer-songwriter Shani Weiss that plays the newest music made in Israel by Israeli musicians. Israel has a vivacious, creative community of musicians constantly creating new fresh sounds of all genres from rock and pop to Mediterranean and Oriental.

On the show she will not only be playing music but conduct live interviews with musicians. Shani moved to Melbourne in October 2018 and is currently active in the Melbourne music scene as a music teacher and performer.

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24 Mar 2021, 9pm

24 Mar 2021, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL Summing up this week of elections and preparing for seder night with songs for Lel Haseder in wonderful new arrangements. Happy Passover! Ittai Binnun – Andralmoussia (Mess) Max Pink – Shir Habchirot (Election Song) Total Vocal – Ani Maamin Cover (I Believe) Bilgo – Shumakom (Nowhere) May Lavie – Binyamin Sapir Volach – Vezacharti (And I Remembered) Kaley Haleprin – Kol Hamira Aron Razel – Ha Lachma Anya Akiva, Yonatan Razel & Natan Goshen – Vehi Sheamda  Nir Cinamon – Betzet Israel Mimitzrayim Chava Alberstein – Chad Gadya Meir Ariel – Avarnu et Paroh (We Passed Paroh)  

10 Mar 2021, 9pm

10 Mar 2021, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL Live in the studio singer songwriter Nir joined me with his guitar. Telling the tale of his musical journey in Israel and arriving in Melbourne two years ago, performing, creating music, teaching all in the midst of Covid.  He played live in the studio along with songs from his previous album Bells Away and his current String quartet project. Follow Nir for upcoming show and have a great listen!  

3 Mar 2021, 9pm

3 Mar 2021, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Although a celebration is most appropriate I saw it fit to raise awareness to the rise of domestic violence due to home isolation’s of Covid-19. Life line numbers: Domestic violence Israel -6724* Australia -1800 737 732 – Safe Steps 1 800 015 188 Usa – 1 800 799 7233  The show started with Michal Amdursky’s ‘Kumi Ulechi’ – Get up and Go, a song written after hearing the horrific story of Shira Isakov, a woman seconds from being murdered by her husband was saved by the neighbors. Since Isakov, Diana Raz was not as lucky and lost her life to a gunshot shot by her husband in front of their young children. Following this opening we heard Efrat Gosh – ‘Krav Igruf’ – Boxing Match. Then ‘Chatzait Kan Kod Kod’ a stairic feminist cabaret trio covered the song ‘Beeretz Ahavati’ – In the Country that I Love, and they describe domestic violence of 2020 during lockdown. Describing a harsh reality where even though women are vulnerable, the police and government are busy giving out fines and worrying about their seat instead of pushing forward protective plans that are waiting for authorization from 2017. "Last night I heard the screaming, Loud voices behind the wall. Another sleepless night for me won’t do no good to call the police, always coming late, if they come at all" The words of Tracy Chapman from the song ‘Behind the Wall’ released in 1988, and alas over 30 years later and her words are still as relevant as the day they were written. Ending the domestic violence awareness part of the show with Dana Berger’s ‘Kumi Lechi’ – Get up and Go. Unfortunately, domestic violence is not the only worrying symptom women are subjected to, but sexual harassment and sexual assault are something that EVERY woman has gone through in some point in her life. Rape Crisis centers Israel 1202  Australia 1 800 806 292 USA  800 656 HOPE (4673) I then played Eviatar Banay’s song ‘Ekdach’ Gun- where he sings of perspective of a murderer, continuing to Tori Amos’s ‘Me and A Gun’, a song she wrote after being raped in Los Angeles, when she was 21. After she performed at a bar, a patron asked her if he could have a ride home. She obliged, and he raped her at knifepoint.    Tori Amos released the song in her debut album in 1991, but her words, like Tracy Chapman’s are still relevant today and nothing has changed. Adi Cohen tell her tale with ‘Lakach Oti’ – Took Me as does Shani Peleg with ‘Chatulachbar’ – Catmouse. Songs of sexual assault released in the last few years. Shadayim Lemala are a feminist Punk Rock band that raise awareness to all these subjects through song. All their proceedings from their concerts are donated to rape crisi centre. In their song ‘Haashamat Hakorban’ – Blaming the victim they ask the questions the victim gets asked, as if not suffered enough. Why did you wear that slinky red thing? why were you alone? why didn’t you yell? why didn’t you run? why didn’t you say no? Why did you wait so long to tell? Even in stories with large media coverage like gang rapes the girls you will easily read in talk backs of blaming the girl- why did she drink so much? In a gang rape that occured in 1988 in Kibbutz Shomrat the gang of 8 were acquitted from lack of evidence or as the judge told the girl – she seems intelligent but her behavior is very promiscuous. Monica Sex tell a similar tale with their iconic song ‘Kol Hachvre’ – All the Gang written in 1994, but the same story happened in last August with four men and a 16 year old girl in Eilat.  Yael Taub sums up all these incidents with her single – ‘Mafchid Lihiyot Isha’ Its scary to be a woman. It is. When a man walks alone in the street at night it is less likely that he will be prepared for an attack as a girl is. But all is not lost, we can change our reality! We can educated our sons to respect women and treat them kindly. We can raise awareness. We can fight to change the system. The future CAN change, it’s just on our hands to change it. I finished the show with Din DIn Aviv and Lead Shabat’s new single ‘Kol Ma Sheyesh Bach’ – All you have is you.  I wish you all a hopeful future where we as women can feel empowered and strong. It is in our hands.  

10 Feb 2021, 9pm

10 Feb 2021, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL Finally, a live interview face to face and what a privilege that it was Lior! Lior, Australian-Israeli singer songwriter, born is Israel, grew up in Sydney on the North Shores and is currently living with his family in Melbourne. We started the show with ‘This Old Love’ the breakthrough song from his first album – Autumn Flow released in 2004 that became a huge hit across Australia and catapulted Lior’s musical career. Another song from the album was ‘Bedouin Song’, where Lior told about a trip to Israel where he spent some time in the desert with the Bedouins. This malismatic piece opened doors to Australian musicians to explore different world music styles of singing. We went on to his projects and albums that followed his album, including side projects like a children’s album he co-wrote with Idea of North. We then spoke about his fourth album ‘Scattered Reflections’ and played ‘I Remember Me’ a song inspired by observing his son’s use of his imaginary world. ‘My Grandfather’, another single from the album was the story of his grandfather and Lior spoke about his connection and what an emotional process it was for him to right the song. Another amazing side project Lior took a major part in was ‘Compassion’ alongside Nigel Westlake, an orchestral song cycle for voice and orchestra consisting of original melodies and orchestration set to ancient texts in Hebrew and Arabic, performed by Lior and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Lior’s female recommendation was Feist with the song Mushaboom, who made him stop the car at the side of the road to listen to. We ended the show with another side project ‘Air Land Water’, a trio of three friends – Lior, Nadav Kohn and Tony Buchen and the song he chose was ‘Tell Me What You See When Your Eyes Close’. Hopefully you will be able to see Lior perform with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in the WOMAD festival ion the 5th of March and wishing Lior many successful gigs this year!  

27 Jan 2021, 9pm

27 Jan 2021, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL Tu Bishvat – An Israeli holiday celebrating nature, primarily trees so our show today was filled with songs of nature. Starting with the Eviatar Banai’s iconic version of ‘Brosh’, continuing with his nephew, Noam Banai ‘Etz Alon’. Then a take on ‘Roim Rachok Roim Shakuf’ by Ensemble Ya’ala, a song describing Moses’s journey to the promised land. Continuing in that theme ‘Shir Haemek’ in an upbeat fun version by Fabrengen band. Then I played a wonderful A capella song by Hakolot Hatsafim (The floating voices) Zera Novet and staying in that calm vocal mode went on to ‘Follow the Sun’ By Eyal Reginiano. Speaking of Sun’s house band Gute Gute created a beautiful hebrew version of the classic song ‘The Bonnie banks o Loch Lomond’ called ‘Song of the Sun. Drifting from Scotland to Northern Thailand to a beautiful village called Pai, where I played my own song ‘Pai’. From Thailand to India with Liora Itzhak’s version of ‘Pizmon Layakinton’, that is part of Baby Oriental.  Then a metaphoric take on love through nature by Gali Hay ‘Boi El Gani’ (Come to My Garden). Moving forward on a more serious note with Dan Peled’s song ‘Bou Node Beze’ (Let’s admit it), a song emerging from the terrible bushfires of summer 2019. Peled’s message is strong and clear that we must protect our planet because it is all we have. Along with other things to protect the last is women (mostly) speaking of sexual harrasment Neomi Shemer was subjected to through the song of ‘Valse Lehaganat Hatzomeach’ (A waltz to protect the plants) covered by Jane Bordeaux and Aya Zahavi Feiglin. Our world is beautiful and we can make it amazing. Let us try to be kind to eachother and recycle 🙂  

20 Jan 2021, 9pm

20 Jan 2021, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL I had so much fun interviewing the award winning singer songwriter Ari Gorali. We spoke about his life as a musician, a mentor, lecturer, project man now working on his 3rd album soon to be released and heard songs – Tnua Achat Lo Nechona – One wrong move written for the book by Merav Oz and from the upcoming album – Ratzit ‘you wanted’.  We discussed the success of his second album with song of the year ‘Dvash’ and how the album revolved around Gorali’s Divorce with song ‘Kshehayinu Shavim’ – When we were equal.  One of the projects Ari is running is a Tribute concert to Leonard Cohen and we heard his cover with Sivan Talmor to ‘Dance me’ Ari’s reccomendation for female singer songwriter is Leah Shabbat, with whom he recorded a duet for his third album. Shabbat released Baderech Shelcha (Your Way) a week ago. Finishing with Stories of all the amazing work Ari does for the community through music and ending with ‘Kol Haolam Lefanayich’ (The whole world is before you). Thanks for coming on the show it was great fun!    

13 Jan 2021, 9pm

13 Jan 2021, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL All the newest singles of the year! Marsh Dundorma & Riff Cohen – Sukar Sukar Hagai Ginzboorg – Morrocan Skies Danny – Fast Slow Eden Kedar – Leat  Dawn Somek – One Day Idan Refael Haviv – Neshama Sheli Reut Zorman – Ba Li Livroach Aviya – Grief Measure Uni-Ma – Brands Mr.aiio Lazer – Iama Do Me Tamar Haim – Shachanu Ledaber Oren Caro – Masehehu Baavir Ronen Topper – Scarlet  

6 Jan 2021, 9pm

6 Jan 2021, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL    

30 Dec 2020, 9pm

30 Dec 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL Bye bye 2020 with a fun show that will get you on your feet! Started with ‘Happiness’ – Gili Portal leading in to a song of inspiration, creation and anticipation for a vacation with ‘Perfect Crime’ – Albert Tales. Then a sweet dedication to 2020 with Illay’s – ‘Your Time Has Passed’ followed by a dedication to 2021 with ‘Waiting for you’ by Tania Vinokur. Don’t sit, because the next couple of dance songs will shake your booty ‘Pure Suprprise’ -UPZ and ‘Endless Motion’ – Dahl Hates Disco. Continuing with some Hip Hop/Rap Tamir Stepper- ‘Tarimu’, One Mic – ‘Circle of Rap’ and Groove Salad – ‘Swing’. Of course Its not a  party without Gute Gute – ‘Agan Tichon Chadash’, then ‘Gat’ – Ittai Binnun and ending with ‘Dance With You’ by German singer songwriter Danny! I wish you all a great 2021, be safe and healthy, love each other and be kind! Peace out mates, see ya next year!!!! Shani  

23 Dec 2020, 9pm

23 Dec 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL So happy to have interviewed the wonderful Maya Johanna Menachem! Maya spoke about her life growing up in an english speaking home, discovering her live to sing at 14 going on to a wonderful career. She released her debut album "Bells In Our Stomachs" August 2015. It was produced by singer-songwriter and producer Sun Tailor, and mixed and mastered by acclaimed four-time Grammy award winner, Ryan Freeland. in the show we heard songs from the album: Born to Become, Shallow Waters, When the Sky and Song for Tom I also played two songs from her Bob Dylan tribute album with Shay Tochner (Ep 38) Don’t think twice and Farewell Angelina. Maya’s recommendation for female artist was Tzlil Danin- Kol Ma Shekore (Everything that happens) 

16 Dec 2020, 9pm

16 Dec 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL This week all songs circled light and darkness and that balance between the two as Hanuka tends to be. I hope you had a great Hanuka and enjoy the music to accompany it! The Songs played on the show were: Shmemel -Maase Beleviva Amir Dadon – Or Gadol Gali Hay – Choshech Choshech Or Avraham Tal – Orot Hava Alberstien – Shir Megaresh et Hachoshech Arik Einstein – Kshehaor Ole Kaley Halperin – Al Hanisim Yohai Golov – Meat Or Noga Gonen and Sivan Weissfeld – Or Haner Einat Schmal – Or Eliad – Or    

2 Dec 2020, 9pm

2 Dec 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL This week I interveiwed amazing musician – Shay Tochner, Shay told his story of his life combining professional sportsmanship, musicianship, and Hi tech. His tale includes growing up in Jerusalem, having his computer science studies stopped by the Yom Kippur war, which led him to complete his degree in Scotland. He travelled the world with his work and spent the seventies in London and Edinburgh and participated in the singer songwriters scene, playing with the best of musicians. The songs played were – Erin Gra Mo Chroi, Hard Times Come Again No More, Caledonia, Gypsy and Rolling Times all played by Tochner and sung by Maya Johanna and Gabriella Lewis. Tochner’s female recommendation is Maya Isacowitz with the song ‘Is It Alright’ Picture by Avigail Uzi  

25 Nov 2020, 9pm

25 Nov 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL Israeli musicians playing Irish Music!! I started off the show with Evergreen’s ‘She’s Got Fire!’ an Irish band formed in 1999 who are still active till today releasing their album in 2018 ‘Complicated to be Simple’. They have performed in many festivals, but the most important one for our show tonight is ‘Jacobs Ladder’ a unique folk music festival including blue grass, world music, Irish Jigs,Country Rock, Blues and Renaissancel created by Menachem Vinegrad, Morris Cohen and Yigal Sela. Vinegrad started the band Black Velvet which is till today one of the most iconic Israeli Irish bands. Band members Uri Schleifer, Philip Khripkov, Moran Meisels and Ehud Nathan and I played their song ‘Resolution Road’. The Black Velvet can usually be found in Molly Blooms, an Irish Tel Avivian pub where all Irish music lovers go, amongst them was musician Daniel Manor, who used to go and play music there regularly. Manor formed The Bloomers with Black Velvets Schleifer and Khripkov but gave it musical "trademark" which is young, enthusiastic and lively arrangements to well-established (as well as original) Irish tunes and songs. You can’t mention Irish music in Israel without mentioning Shay Tochner, one of the most collaborative musician in the Israeli irish musicn scene, and he will be coming on the show next episode to tell us about all of his musical Journey. One of the collaborations he participates in, is with Maya Johanna. I played their take on ‘The Lily of the West’. Maya Johanna is titled one of the promising new indie folk artists and voices of Israel. I played her song Shallow Waters from her Debut album ‘Bells in Our Stomachs’ produced by the lovely Sun Tailor (Ep 18).  I then played folk singer songwriter Ofri Epshtein’s ‘End of Days’ followed by ‘You me and the Wind’ song by Kahol, an Irish band with a middle eastern twist to it, formed by Uri Miles, Rami Yosifov and Gilad Ephrat. Getting towards the end I played Avners Strauss and Din Din Aviv – ‘Gavoa Namuch’ High Low and finishing the show with The Taverns, another Iconic Folk band that starred in Jacobs ladder, founded in 1976 by David Decklebaum, Shay Tochner, David Stacey and David Mencher associated with country, and specialized in playing Irish, Canadian & American songs and the instrumental virtuosity of its members, finishing with a fun song ‘halvai Shehaiti Ravak’ I wish I was single! Next week Shay Tochner will be coming on the show to tell his life story and music!    

18 Nov 2020, 9pm

18 Nov 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL This week I interviewed talented musician Nir Popliker who told me all about his latest album, ‘While the Boys are Asleep’. An instrumental acoustic album covering amazing well known songs like the Beatles ‘She’s Leaving Home’ and Neil Youngs ‘One of These Days’ We also listened to Poplikers originals – A song for Uriya, El Mishkan Beiti (Home), Yetziah Laor (going to the light), and Cowboy Bill. Poplikers female artist recommendation  was Lee Gaon with her song Tali    

11 Nov 2020, 9pm

11 Nov 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL A star is born was an Israeli Reality Tv Show searching for talented new vocalists, based on the British Pop Idol model, starting at 2003. In Todays show I played the winners and runner ups latest singles released mostly this year and making me happy that they continue to create and release music with their own voice. 3 first places of season 1- Winner Ninet Tayeb – Feel the Buzz released in June This year. Runner Up Shiri Maimon and Red Band – Let Me Down released last week. Third Place Shai Gabso – Abu Dahbi released last month. Season 2-  Winner Harel Moyal – Rak Itach (Just with you) released in April Runner Up Harel Skaat – Ma Shetirtze Lihiyot (What You Wish To Be) released end of 2019 Season 6- Winner Israel Bar On – Perek B’ released at the start of the year Season 7- Winner Roni Dalumi – Ratziti Sheze Yachiv (I wanted it to hurt) released last month Season 8- Winner Diana Golbi – En Klum (There’s Nothing) released last month Runner Up Idan Amedi – Bekarov Yipatchu Hashamaim (Soon the Skies Will Open) Relesed in August Season 9- Winner Hagit Yaso – Ila Mshiti (If You Go) released April 2019 Runner Up David Lavi and Tamar Philisof – Hacholmim Achar Hashemesh (The Dreamers After the Sun) Released in May    

4 Nov 2020, 9pm

4 Nov 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL Today I interviewed Singer songwriter Arlene Gould, a musician mum with a cool fusion of urban beats, hip hop and rock. Arlene is currently working on her EP and will be releasing her single ‘Jericho’ next month so stay tuned! On the show we heard 6 songs of Arlene, 3 from her EP- ‘Dreamer’, ‘Rollin” & ‘Come Over’. We heard ‘Crown Tree’, which she wrote in her first year of trying to make it as a musician by herself in New York, and Acharei Hasheket (after the quiet). I finished the show with a cover of hers and Andrei Matori to Bob marley’s Is This Love. Arlene’s reccomendation for this weeks female israeli musician is the Wonderful Ester Rada and we heard two songs of hers- ‘Herd’ and ‘Life Happens’. Have an awesome week and enjoy the ease of restrictions! Shani  

28 Oct 2020, 9pm

28 Oct 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL Another round of musician moms! This time- Atalya Lavi – Ahavat Chayay Hanochechit  Hilla Peer – Free Ifat Bar Sela – Nagen Sarit Kleinman – Beeinav Libat Kaminsky – Alma Shirli Simchi – Shaarei Ratzon Arlene Gould – Rollin’  Shuli Hasheli Mittelberg – My Time Liora Gonzalez – Rutzi Bronze Honey – As Free as the Wind Gila Ozruso Haggiag – Haezi  

21 Oct 2020, 9pm

21 Oct 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL This Week I interviewed Idan-Haim David, the male half of Aklim, together with Osnat Harel. I played 5 original singles- Hamsin, Nihiye Shuv Yeladim, Tipot, Boi Nivrach, Lo Sof Hamischak and a cover to Meir Banais ‘Geshem’ All of Aklims songs are produced independantly. Aklims Female reccomendation was Anna Shpitz – Carousel  

14 Oct 2020, 9pm

14 Oct 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL Every week I introduce the community to fresh Israeli music and this week I brought the community on the show. I interviewed 5 members of the community – Ronit Moll, Oshrat Lifkovitz, Einat Maman. Dafna Cohen and Yaron Kozminsky to tell us how they are going through lockdown and what songs they like to hear. The playlist today was: Karonlina – Sorry Charlie Avraham Tal – Hayamim Ovrim (The days are passing) Rona Keinan – Meashnim Besharsheret (Chain Smoking) Raviv Kanner – Resisim (Shatters) Keren Peles & Roni Alter – Bat Li Pitom (You Suddenly Came) Arkadi Duchin – Tzuber Eli Magen – Bye Bye Democracy Avihu Pinhasov – Yamim Yafim (Beautiful days)  

30 Sep 2020, 8pm

30 Sep 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL This week I featured Saga Veliz, a psychedelic art rock band influenced by late 60’s era sound playing ‘Grass’, ‘A Journey of Zero Kilometers’ and ‘Wolf’, followed by Reginiano, Eyal Reginiano, a wonderfully talented composer that I met back in Rimon college days. I played 3 of Reginiano’s pieces- ‘Time’, ‘Tears of a Guitar’ and ‘ Thinking of Chopin’. I heard ‘Thinking of Chopin’ for the first time when we competed together in Rimon’s Composers contest where this wonderful piece won first place. I’ve been wanting to play Reginiano’s music since, so happy i got the chance. Following that, I decided to play the piece I created for a string quartet with the actual live recording from the contest. My piece is called Journey NZ and it depicted my trip after the army going overseas to Australia, through Hong Kong, arriving in Caulfield, festivals, relationships, New Zealand, starry nights, working on a farm, skydiving and I had to stop there as I’d travelled close to a year and 3 months had taken me 8 minutes of composition :). I used the flights ascending and descending as a recurring motive and am basically really happy and grateful I got the opportunity to play this piece on the radio. Hopefully next week live in the studio but we’ll see… in the meantime have a great week. Shani  

16 Sep 2020, 8pm

16 Sep 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL Cover Show #2 Lost Highways – Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash Cover) Bring Pearl Jam to Israel – Jeremy Cover Performed by: Vocals -Kobi Farhi, Bass – Uri Zilcha, Guitars – Chen Balbus (Orphaned Land) and Omer Lempert. Drums — Yogev Gabay (Distorted Harmony) Contrabass and Oud — Adam Ben Ezra Flute — Avi Piamente Musical Production, mix and edit — Omer Lempert and Kobi Farhi (Sonic Studios).  Omer Adam – Shnei Meshugayim (2 crazy people) Covered by Linda Rodan, Rachok Mikulam (Something to See) Covered by Benjamins Brother Mashina- Shlach li Malach (Send me an angel)- Covered by Yonathan Volfin Arik Einstien – Ani Veata (you and I) Covered by Igayon Shmulik Krauss – Ze Kore (It Happens) – Covered by Liora Gonzales The Beatles – Elinor Rigby Covered by 4 sticks Guns N Roses – Sweet Child of Mine – Covered by Nurith Hahn Siegler Boney M – Sunny Covered by Nir Degani Masego – Old Age Covered by Choke Billy Rose – Tonight You Belong to Me Covered by Eddie Veder

9 Sep 2020, 8pm

9 Sep 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL Second all women show and I’m left with inspiration and awe to these incredible Israeli female singer songwriters. I started the show with the Amazing Tamar Eisenman’s song –‘Creation’. I continued to once again try to raise awareness to the fact that there is still a lack in equality, only this time I tried to tackle the subject from a different angle. Maybe if one can understand how much a woman has to go through being a statistic of 1 out of 1, that can completely abrupt, change and sometimes demolish your life, even though your only crime is being a woman. These things build us and make us stronger but I’m sure if given the option, an innocent life would be preferable than this unnecessary challenge. Taking us from this point Maya Isacowitz with ‘Brave Again’, followed by Diana Golbi – ‘Achar Kach Yagidu’ – After woulds they will say or in other words I told you so… I then went on to focus on the tribal effect of a woman that although sometimes we can be bitches one to another, I believe most times there is no therapy like a female friend with a good ear and a comfortable shoulder. Shoham Tapiero defined this wonderfully in the song ‘Tetaari li Hakol’ –describe everything to me. Once picking up the shatters I the strength of Marina Maximilian Blumin with ‘I trust this man’. If we’re on to strength Noa Segal is very cut and dry about what exactly she wants from her man with the song ‘Gever’ – Man (Macho Man). Lightening things up with the fun part about being a woman with Moran Meisels ‘Ben Shtei Yaday’ – Between my two hands. Moving on to freeing all those negative feelings with Tzili Yanko – ‘Free’. Towards the end of the show I decided to go powerful with Yael Deckelbaum with ‘Prayer of the Mothers’ where Deckelbaum, alongside 4000 women from the movement ‘women waive peace’ made up of Palestinian and Israeli Woman trying to end the conflict and death of our sons. Finishing the show With May Lavie ‘Malala’ where she incorporates Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist and Noble Prize winner’s speech into her song.    

2 Sep 2020, 8pm

2 Sep 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL Happy Fathers Day! This is a special show dedicated mainly to dads but also in general to that very special, deep and complex relationship between a parent and his child, and between the child and his parent. Starting the show with a Gidi Gov and Aya Korem cover to ‘Leaba Sheli Yesh Sulam’ – my father has a ladder, a classic Israeli song. The following songs are about young parents singing to their unborn and newborn children – Isaac the Bomb ‘Shir Layeled Shelanu Sheod Lo Nolad’ – ‘a song to our unborn child’, and ‘Shir Layalda Shekvar Nolda’ – ‘A song to a baby girl who has just been born’, performed by Yasmin Even and written by Roni Somek. When my own son, Tom was born my husband Itai, dedicated Idan Raichal and Rita’s ‘Mechake’ – ‘Waiting’, so it was only natural to play it. Continuing to Father daughter songs with Ohad Hitman’s Magical dedication to his daughter ‘Oheva et Eva’ –’Love Eva’ and Toplians ‘Nadneda’ – Swing. Then Song’s from musicians to their dads – Gideon Una –‘Aba Aba’ ‘father father’ and that back and forth from the child within us to our actual child with Alon Meir’s ‘Yeled’ – Boy. Shachar Ziv’s song ‘Eretz Zara’ – ‘Foreign country’ dedicated to his parents after leaving home to study abroad. Getting older always has our thoughts thinking of what will be with our parents. Beautiful Zohar Vofsi sings to her father who passed away with ‘Regayim Vedmaot’ ‘Moments and tears’. Finishing with the classic father son song- Muki ‘Yeled Shel Aba’ – Daddy’s Boy  

27 Aug 2020, 11am

27 Aug 2020, 11am Fresh Sounds IL After over 25 shows of playing wonderful musicians I thought it’s time for you to meet your host, Shani Weiss, Singer songwriter, radio host and musician mom of 2 boys :). I will tell you about my journey through stories and music from my debut album ‘Touch of Reality’.

19 Aug 2020, 8pm

19 Aug 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL Celebrating 25 episodes with some of my favorite songs from the previous 24 shows! Irit Dekel – Shut My Mouth (Ep 9 Women’s Night) Hadar Shechter – Last Resort (Ep 9 Women’s Night) Hadara Levin Areddy Feat. Isaaz Dabomb – Leave Me Alone (Ep 14 Hadara Levin) Sun Tailor – Who’s At Your Window Tania Vinokur – Rich – NEW SINGLE! Lola Marsh – Wishing Girl (Ep 6 & 12 Lola Marsh) Asi Meskin – We Don’t Need to Be Alone (Ep 11 April Releases) Barak Malichi – Stone Cold covered by Mika Tsur (Ep 16 Barak Malichi) Hilla Peer – Like the Rain (Ep 11 April Releases) Ben Ezra Brothers – Bayom Bo Tohavi Pachot (Ep 7 Positive Vibes) Dafni Folkman – Mishtalachat (Ep 9 Women’s Night)

12 Aug 2020, 8pm

12 Aug 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL Today’s show was all about musician moms a unique strand of moms and musicians balancing these two gentle amazing worlds. Roni Dot, Noya Glick and InaBell (Inbal Netzer) came on the show to tell us about their experience as musician moms and all the challenges involved in it.  

5 Aug 2020, 8pm

5 Aug 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL Today we celebrate the Jewish Valentines day and for that I brought a mix of love songs of all colours and genders. Jane Bordeux – Ech Efshar (How can I not fall in love with you) Asi Sofer – Shuti Elay (Float to me) Alma Kalberman – Sheda (Demon) Gili Portal – It’s not the Time  Adi Kadussi – Stars Roni Alter – Follow Rivers (Lykke li cover) Shiri Shachar – Lach Chikiti (For you I waited) David Israeli – Bo Kvar Elay (Come to me) Naama Guggenheim – Feel Like A Woman Yuval De Levy – Kama Tov (How much Good) Soof Sela and Maya Avraham – Acharayich (Following you)

29 Jul 2020, 8pm

29 Jul 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL This week was a double feature-  Singer songwriter Ohad Ashkenazi with 3 songs- Florentin, Balada al Gingit (Redhead Ballad) and ‘Im Hakol Beseder’ (If everythings alright). Ohad, currently quarantined told us about his plans to release his EP and move to Boston to study in Berkley put on hold currently due to the pandemic. His recommendation for female musician was Aya Zahavi Feiglin with the song Lo Livkot (Don’t cry). Then we went on to Gute Gute where I interviewed Amitai Mann and played Boei and songs from their 2017 album – The Song of the Sun, The Ballad of the Camel and Outmans Khan. They spent 2019 performing and touring and 2020 on recording their second album so good luck with the recording guys! waiting to hear!      

22 Jul 2020, 8pm

22 Jul 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL I mostly play and interview solo artists so this week was dedicated to bands, but not just any bands, happy upbeat, funky, fusion bands that make you smile to celebrate the last hours of smiling without a mask. How dramatic! I started the show with Acollective’s Whiskey Eyes, a MUST KNOW Israeli band. On to a groovy playlist of Groove Salad- Swing, Gumbo- Shir Tamim (Innocent Song). A debut single to Ahalan Band- Tzarot Began Eden (Trouble in Heaven), followed by Nimbin- Shir Shel Chofesh (A song of Freedom). Moving onto Ethno, Balkan, Fusion, Medditeranean Rock with two songs – Boei (Come) and Agan Tichon Chadash. Gute Gute will be coming on the show next week so give a listen. Following that genre A-Wa yemenite female trio Habib Galbi and ending with a more Rockier groove- Omri Noble and the Nobles- Funk You and The Paz Band with there new single – The tune! Here’s to another 4 weeks of lockdown! Stay safe and Healthy, Shani  

15 Jul 2020, 8pm

15 Jul 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL This Week I interviewed singer songwriter Sapir Volach. A young female musician who is not afraid to speak her mind through a fusion of Ethnic Indie Rock music. Sapir will be releaseing her EP following her debut Album ‘Schora Pguma Lehamonim’- ‘Damaged Goods for the Masses’ released September 2019. Sapirs recommendation for a female Israeli musician was Omer Moskovitz. We wish you good luck with the future and keep creating! .     

8 Jul 2020, 8pm

8 Jul 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL Once again we head into lockdown, this time 6 weeks, second wave. More aware, cautious, less frightened but also tired. As my mum says, ‘the novelty has worn off’, but it is what it is, and we must stay strong and do what it takes to get through this tricky controversial time. The setlist tonight was: Anat Porat – Dgalim (Flags) Oren Berg – Hashir Ledaber Itach (The song to speak with you) Vered Dekel – Home, Khi Neshima (Take a Breath) Shoham Tapiero – Meshachrer Otach (Set You Free) Shai Sol – Ksheyavo Hazman (When the Time Comes), Im En Bi Ahava (If There is No Love in Me) Shiri Shachar – Gal Gadol (A Big Wave) Yoshai Ben Yaacov – Yesh Li Makom (I Have a Place), Keechad Haadam  Tamar & Netanel – Autumn Wind, Peace of Mind Stay safe and healthy and thanks for listening! Shani

1 Jul 2020, 8pm

1 Jul 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL This week I interviewed the talented singer songwriter Sun Tailor (Arnon Naor). In continuation to the last show that focused on the Israeli musician struggle, by coincidence Arnon is also one of the main activists taking part of this struggle. He filled us in on the developments since talking with activist musician, Tania Vinokur and they still need your help! please click on the link and help support the musician community create a union, help them survive this pandemic, and help support musicians in the future. Sun Tailor has toured all over the globe with his music in the US, Asia, Europe, festivals and of course in Israel. on the show we heard songs: Trials & Troubles Spit Fire Wake Up Now (with Saz) True Love Will Find You (Daniel Johnston Cover) Who’s at Your Window and recommendation of the week for Israeli female musician was Mika Sade with ‘Let the Waterfall’. Other than that Arnon has just become a dad so I wish him an amazing adventure parenting and good luck with the amazing cause of creating a musician union! I hope you get back to the stage soon

17 Jun 2020, 8pm

17 Jun 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL This weeks show has revolved around the Israeli music industry’s protest in front of the government, where thousands of people from the music industry came to shout out their struggle of over 4 months of unemployment, with no help from the government, due to Covid-19. I interviewed activist Musician Tania Vinokur, who is currently trying to create a union for musicians along with other activists from the music community and they need all the help they can get! The COVID-19 Crisis stopped the culture industry on its tracks and left many musician and culture workers without a job and income. The musicians – part of some 170,000 culture workers are finding out in these moments that they are unrepresented and invisible, with no one to see them or fight for their needs, rights, or future! With YOUR support they will be able to establish a new musicians union that will work for the interests and rights of all the musicians, in the short term and in the long term! Please help by supporting: I interviewed musician Danny Latendorf from Germany, so we can get some intel on the music industry there. Dannny usually performs around 150 performances a year and has founf himself in the same situation as many musicians across the globe. Along with Danny and Tania, local Musician Cristian Barbieri explained what was going on in Melbourne. “Culture is a way of coping with the world by defining it in detail.” by Malcolm Bradbury. Please help keep the Israeli culture alive! Stay safe and healthy, Shani  

10 Jun 2020, 8pm

10 Jun 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL Tonight I interviewed talented producer and lecturer Barak Malichi who has made some amazing productions, turning well known songs into something different and extremeley special! Strongly reccomend you subscribe to him on Youtube : Tonight we heard: How Deep is your love featured by Noa Chaouat Awake my Soul featured by Yael Zori Stone Cold featured by Mika Tsur Don’t Let Me Down featured by May Sfadia Don’t Know Why featured by Keren Biton Goodbye Featured by Mika Tsur Perfect to Me featured by Emily Lilian She’s Leaving Home featured by Mai Sasportas Tov li Achshav featured by Ori Tshuma   And female singer songwriter reccomendation of the week goes to Adi ulmansky with Snow!   Have an awesome week, Shani

3 Jun 2020, 8pm

3 Jun 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL This week we are celebrating the ease in restrictions and the opening of pubs and cafes with a special show filled with songs about alcohol and coffee! We started off with ‘If Blues was Wine’ by Avner Strauss moving on to ‘Alcohol’ by singer songwriter Ohad Katz then discussing other substances that make some people happy like Ori Ronen and the Folk Stoners with ‘Walking Down the Mountain’. Then I told the tale of Israel Bar On leaving his religious home and starting a new life by himself. In his song Bidiuk Kmo Paam – just like it was, he sings about being doing the same things he did before but now he’s happy and he would like to raise his glass and toast to a happier life. From there we went on to celebrate the fact that today I had my first coffee sitting down in a restaurant, without a take away cup on a park bench. moving on to Coffee is only Coffee by singer songwriter Muli Sharon, explaining how sometimes, when getting an invitation for a cup of coffee you imagine certain things. But sometimes coffee is just coffee. And sometimes coffee is what we drink before going out to get drunk with Vodka as told in Lior Narkis’s song – Scents of Alcohol. If Vodka isn’t your thing you could alwys try some Rum with Hatikva 6 and if Rum isn’t your thing either, you can always hear Whiskey by Jane Bordeaux, our ONLY female representative tonight. I always try to make sure there’s at least 50% but Israeli girls apparently don’t write about alcohol as much as the boys. Finishing the show with Efo Hayeled- ‘she doesn’t know how to drink’ Naturally leading into ‘ Hangover’ by Shabak Samech. Ending as usual, on an optimistic note, with Yossi Banay – Drunk and not from Wine! Happy week everyone, don’t drink and drive and stay safe and healthy!

27 May 2020, 8pm

27 May 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL Tonight I interviewed the multi talented singer songwriter, author, journalist, painter Hadara Levin Areddy. She has just let out twin albums ‘My Home Town’ and a hebrew album ‘En Lean Lalechet’ (album 16 &17!!!) We heard some amazing songs- What About Us, Leave Me Alone, My Home Town, Into the Red, Broken Be, J Town Girl. And the recommendation of the week Inbar Heyman – Simple Song.  

20 May 2020, 8pm

20 May 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL This week we had a special cover show opening with the amazing Sun Tailor covering Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’. Followed by Ariande Grande Dangerous Woman covered by Adi Butbika and the enchanting Shaked Sanity covering Hallelujah. With this amazing opening, it is only fitting to cover some Australian artists and who if not but ACDC covered by Idan Shoham ‘Shmone’. Idan came on the show telling us about his musical project of collecting musicians through bunsking. He is currently in Perth, arriving three months ago and plans to travel in his camper van to the East coast so heads up Melbourne! After we heard two amazing covers the first was a Jeff Buckley cover produced by Oren Gilad and sung by Ruth Danon and Michael Rose. Immediatley followed by Billy Joels ‘Just the Way You Are’ cover by the talneted Soof Sela and Shahar Regev, Continuing with Australian covers we heard looper queen Judy Antebi covering Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’. Judy told us all about her musical therapy and music that she creates with her female trio with Moran Meisels and Smadar Ronen, who I played on our Passover Show (08.04.20). They Covered Meir Ariel’s Sdot Goldberg Our last musicians to cover an Australian artist are the amazing Jonny Katzen and Artur Katz covers Sia with a 9 genre cover. Finishing with Ran Nir’s cover to Arthur Lee ‘Everybodys Gotta Live’. Ran just released a new single so good luck Ran!!! cia Ran 

13 May 2020, 8pm

13 May 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL What an awesome show! I interviews Yael Shoshana Cohen and Gil Landau – Lola Mrash. We started the show with ‘Only for a Moment’ from their 2nd album released at the start of 2020, ‘Someday Tomorrow Maybe’.  We started discussing their cancelled tour in Europe and the right way to cope with a cancelled tour and a pandemic is to write new songs. Then we heard the epic ‘She’s a Rainbow’ from their first album ‘Remember Roses’. From there we went on to the connection between Landau and Cohen and their love for soundtracks and how it influenced their albums, heard clearly on ‘Echoes’. Then we discussed some of the crazy venues and amazing festivals the band played in and it couldn’t be more fitting to play ‘Like in the Movies’. In our Israeli female feature Lola Marsh reccomended Tzlil Danin with her song ‘Kol Ma Shekore’. Finishing off with a bunch of silly questions to lighten the mood towards the ending hit song ‘Wishing Girl’ Thanks again guys for coming on the show, you were awesome!!!

6 May 2020, 9pm

6 May 2020, 9pm Fresh Sounds IL After an intense April, it’s time to blow off some steam with some new releases from our Israeli musicians. We started with Reut Zorman’s single released mid-March, ‘Derech Mayim’ from her album coming out.  Following Hilla Peer chatted with us about her first ever single ‘Like the Rain’. Keeping the relaxed mode we then went on to Asi Meskin’s new single ‘We don’t need to be alone’, before preparing for the curly head rock and roll badass chick Inbar Koprak, who told us all about her new single ‘Pray’, recorded 3 years ago when she lived in London. Koprak will be releasing a single every month so give her a follow J We then went on to listen to Beriman and friends with ‘Ma Od Nishar Bi’, followed by an interview with lovely Lora Lovinger releasing her single 72 Hours, written in New York. Lovinger is studying acting in New York, currently residing in Israel till the end of the pandemic, wishing you good luck Lora. Finishing off with Shir Zehavy, an Israeli singer songwriter expanding her musical career after 2 years in Boston and New York, now in LA, working on new materials.  Shir’s single, ‘Free’ was written after freeing herself from one life to move to a better one! I wish all our singer songwriters good luck with their new singles!!!

22 Apr 2020, 8pm

22 Apr 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL Tonight we had a special remembrance show, remembering the 6 million Jews murdered in the holocaust, the fallen soldiers from the numerous wars in Israel, and the innocent murdered in terror attacks. Our talented musicians told us the stories of 6 special individuals who lost there lives before their time. Following their stories they have created music, some from there own personal experience in the battlefield, some through the families of the deceased. Let us remember and never forget!  

15 Apr 2020, 8pm

15 Apr 2020, 8pm Fresh Sounds IL What a privilege it was to host an ALL female musician show tonight, the first of many! I discussed how women are percieved in society, and how ever much it seems that there is equality, we still have a long way to go.  We heard this through Hadar Shechter – ‘Last resort’, Frum – ‘Shteinu’ and took it a step up with Irit Dekel’s song – ‘Shut my mouth’, addressing sexism and Mysogyny experienced by Dekel in the theatre industry. Then I went on to discuss how emotions and complexity are not always accepted publicly, even though it is part of what defines us as human.  We heard Chani Az and how she had to surpress negative feelings from childhood and portray herself as someone positive and happy, through her song ‘Metziut Meduma’. We then went on to truth, true feelings, no BS and heard Roni Dot singing ‘Jealous’ and Dafni Folkman singing about sexual experiences in a relationship with ‘Mishtalachat’. Continuing on to female sexual perception in society and opening the can of worms of sexual assualt, that although the amazing awareness from #metoo movement, there is still conceptions in our society that need to be changed. Avishag Ziv bravely sung us her story of her own sexual assualt sending out a message to all women that ‘IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!’ with her song ‘Lost’. Backing up that message and recieving a surprise unprepared call (it was a surprise to me too) was Yael Taub with her song ‘Mafchid Lihiyot Isha’, It’s scary to be a women, sending a message out backing Ziv’s song and asking society to take more responsibility for their actions. It is important to state that this is not an anti men show, there’s lots of great guys out there doing an awesome job protecting your girls and educating your boys. We would just like to not have the need for protection from anyone. Once diving deep, It’s time to slowly pick up the pieces and understand that ‘after all these years of fighting it’s time TO BE YOU, YOU YOURSELF’ with ‘After All’ by Tahel Klein who is one powerful women running one of the strongest musician communities in Israel, alongside with Hadar Shechter (song 1) called – Yachatzeynu Lean, where most of our music played comes from. Wishing Tahel Mazal Tov on the birth of her first Son! Once we picked up the pieces, it was time to come back stronger and better with Nitsan Golan, a talented singer songwriter I interviewed on Episode 03 with her song ‘Achshav Tori’ (It’s My Turn). I had Ester Rada lined up for the last song, but unfortunately we ran out of time thanks to our lovely surprise guest Yael Taub, so we will hear Rada on another show. I ended the show with a small snippet from a ted talk Yael Deckelbaum did, explaining her song Women of the World Unite. A song where she has marched with women across the globe with the realization that women have the strength to stop wars, to make peace, to deal with what’s important in life! Thank you for listening, downloading, sharing, following! You’re awesome! Stay safe and Healthy, Shani