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Fun-filled frivolity and frippery and serious Jewish community issues every Friday with MGM Productions (Gary, Max “Mendel” and Morris).

Gary Mallin – journalist, writer and odd-jobs man – has worked in the Australian media for some 50 years. He hosts TenKradius with Max Lasky and Morris Mond as they present light entertainment, On This Day in Judaism, On This Day, Jokes of the Week, Middle East issues, The World According to Morris (TWATM), the occasional guest and a little Yiddish.

Morris Mond, born in 1951 in Melbourne to Polish immigrants, was brought up in a traditional Jewish home where his upbringing was based on a firm love of his Yiddish roots. As a baal koreh and baal tefilah with a deep learning and understanding of his Hebraic heritage, he is proud to be a part of J-AIR and present segments based on Torah and the Jewish/Israel world.

Max Lasky, is a staunch supporter of several local Jewish organisations that include C Care, the historic Ballarat synagogue and J-AIR. Each week on TenKradius, he presents diverse segments such as Around the Shtetl and the Shuls, Jewish History on This Day, Parsha of the Week and Yiddish Vort of the Week. 

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23 Feb 2024, 9am

23 Feb 2024, 9am TenKradius In the Lives of Others, we speak to ReFocus president Aron Merar (first hour). In TWATM, Morris rails against SBS World News (second hour). Why has Glen Eira extended 50kmh speed limit zones? Also, Klezmer music, On This Day, On This Day in Judaism, Jewish humour, Around the Shtetl (and Ballarat), Shout-outs and banal banter.

16 Feb 2024, 9am

16 Feb 2024, 9am TenKradius In the Lives of Others, the talented New Zealand singer-songwriter Ricci Carr (aka Lorraine Erceg) shares stories about her life in entertainment. Also on the program, did Glen Eira Council sneak in under the radar new speed limits for Orrong and Kooyong roads? Also, Shout-outs, On This Day and On This Day in Judaism, Jewish Humour, the music of Ricci Carr, Parsha of the Week, and some general banter.

9 Feb 2024, 9am

9 Feb 2024, 9am TenKradius TKR, brought to you by MGM Productions, celebrates the achievements of singer-songwriter-performer Carole King, who is 82 today, and 19th-century Victorian entrepreneur Michael Cashmore. Also,Jewish Humour, Shout-outs, On This Day and On This Day in Judaism, Yiddish of the Week, Parsha of the Week the music of Carole King and klezmer, and various bits of banter.

2 Feb 2024, 10am

2 Feb 2024, 10am TenKradius Sir Nicholas Winton was known for organising the rescue of 669 Czech children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia during the nine months before World War II broke out. TKR pays tribute to those honoured on Australia Day. The story behind the Godfreys' collapse. Also, Yiddish of the Week; On This Day and on This Day in Judaism; Shout-outs; Jewish Humour.

26 Jan 2024, 9am

26 Jan 2024, 9am TenKradius Listen to the incredible stories of Zula Schulberg, 93, and Inka Weinstein, 97, who survived the Holocaust and a horror sea voyage on the Eridan from Marseilles to Sydney on the way to a new life in Australia. The Eridan arrived in Sydney on 19 June, 1949, 75 years ago, sailing from Marseilles via Panama and Tahiti to Sydney with 761 passengers of 17 different nationalities. Also on today's program, Vale Richard Frank and Rabbi Raymond Apple.

22 Dec 2023, 9am

22 Dec 2023, 9am TenKradius Lives of others: every Jew in the world and Franco Cozzo's Jewish connection; ATS; TWATM from around the Jewish world; Yiddish; Jewish humour; Music; Parsha of the Week (Vayigash);Shout-outs; On This Day and On This Day in Judaism. We're back on 12 January 2024. Happy festivus.

15 Dec 2023, 10am

15 Dec 2023, 10am TenKradius Lives of others: Henry Winkler, aka Fonzie, to tour Australia; a mini TWATM from around the Jewish world; Yiddish of the Week; Jewish humour; Yiddish music; Parshah of the Week (Miketz); extended Shout-outs; Glen Eira Council Corner; On This Day and On This Day in Judaism.

8 Dec 2023, 9am

8 Dec 2023, 9am TenKradius The World According to Morris: Morris names and shame leaders from around the world over their attitude to Jews and anti-Semitism. The Lives of Others: RARA's Eli Adelist's Chanukkah miracle in Gundagai; the passing of producer Norman Lear at 100. Around the Shtetl, Shout-outs, Parshah of the Week (Vayeshev), Yiddish of the week, Music On This Day and On This Day in Judaism and all about Chanukkah. How come smoked salmon almost doubled in price when inflation is about 6 per cent? Price gouging? Just sayin'!

1 Dec 2023, 9am

1 Dec 2023, 9am TenKradius Vale Szaja Chaskiel BDE; The Lives of Others (vale Henry Kissinger); Around the Shtetl; Yiddish of the Week; On This Day, On This Day in Judaism; The World According to Morris; Yiddish music; Jewish humour; Shout-outs; Parsha of the Week (Vayislach). And, a bit about Marilyn Monroe.