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J-AIR Presenter Ben Morley

Road to Recovery is Ben Morley’s story from active addiction through to recovery. On my program, I share my experience, strength and hope as a recovering addict who spent 15 years in active addiction. I’m now using my new found sobriety as a life/recovery coach to help save the lives of loved ones and families facing drug and alcohol addiction.

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20 Feb 2024, 6pm

20 Feb 2024, 6pm Road to Recovery On tonight’s episode I interview Santi on his journey from South America to Australia and some of the challenges he has faced. I also discuss the importance of having ‘acceptance’ around people, places and things.

16 Jan 2024, 6pm

16 Jan 2024, 6pm Road to Recovery On tonight's first show back in 2024,  I recap a few of the fundamental rules regarding what parents should and SHOULD NOT do in order to 'illuminate the path' for their loved ones struggling and to get the right help. 0403838986