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Our presentation meanders through the fields of music of all genres and times, but principally of yesteryear, from pre-1920s to present time, some comedy, homespun philosophy, and very corny stories! So varied is the program that I’ve called it Morning Miscellany!

About Basil

Basil Ornellas
Morning Miscellany’s host Basil Ornellas.

Basil Ornellas and his family came to Australia in 1978 aged 41, with wife, Edith, and two children – Shaun and Jacqui. Like many others, in our position, we arrived without any formal qualification which made it a little difficult to get started, but we persevered and settled down. Rotary had always played a big part of our lives in South Africa, so shortly after our arrival in Australia Edith, my wife, and I rejoined the Rotary movement and so began a deep community Service involvement. Which, in turn, helped to broaden our family’s circle of friends. A friend invited me to join a voluntary community radio station, “Golden days radio”, where I served as a volunteer presenter for five years. In 2016 I joined J-AIR Radio. I was made very welcome, and it is here where I am now happily ensconced, producing my weekly Wednesday morning two-hour program, Morning Miscellany, a program designed to steer you away from the day’s problems and stridencies.

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