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Beersheba Vision and Barry Rodgers‘ Christian friends are supporting Israel and Jewish people in so many practical ways: Australia has a special relationship with Israel through the history of our Anzac forefathers who fought and died for Israel in two world wars. Our Judeo-Christian roots and values are bedrock to Australian society. We stand in solidarity with the Jewish people against antisemitism. We can progress closer relationships between Israel and the Christian community.

Host Barry Rodgers is married with four children. He lives in Toowoomba, Queensland. Barry was the founding principal of Hillcrest Christian College in Victoria. In 1992, Barry moved to Toowoomba to head up Business Aid, teaching basic business principles in developing countries. In 1995, he started Emu Gully Adventure Education Group Inc, in Helidon, Queensland. Barry has served in the ADF and has a great interest in our ANZAC history.  He is a director of the Australian Light Horse Association and organised the large centennial celebration of the charge of Beersheba. In  2014, Barry was awarded the Order of Australia for his work with youth and military history.

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28 Oct 2020, 2pm

28 Oct 2020, 2pm Beersheba Vision On today’s Beersheba Vision, I focus on  the geopolitical and biblical significance of Beersheba and the Middle East campaign in WW1

21 Oct 2020, 2pm

21 Oct 2020, 2pm Beersheba Vision KEITH BUXTON former director of Bridges For Peace discusses support for Israel from Pacific Island Christians. STANGOODENOUGH(21.15 mins)former Israeli tour guide and journalist discusses Christian Jewish relationships and the new "Peace accord

14 Oct 2020, 2pm

14 Oct 2020, 2pm Beersheba Vision Today’s first guest is JNF-Jewish National Fund Australia CEO, DAN SPRINGER.  We hear about JNF’s raison d’etre, its great work along with the ANZAC Trail in Israel. ERANTEAROSH (at 25.10mins) is the President of The Society For The The Heritage Of WW1 In Israel.

7 Oct 2020, 2pm

7 Oct 2020, 2pm Beersheba Vision DANNY HAKIM  Innovative peace initiatives in the Middle East BUDO FOR PEACE KATIE STUCKEN (at 24.20 mins) Christian organisations supporting Aliyah EBENEZER EXODUS 

23 Sep 2020, 2pm

23 Sep 2020, 2pm Beersheba Vision Our first guest today is JUDY RUSSELL discussing Christians For Israel supporting  Ukraine Jews to make Aliyah to Israel. DAVID JACK (22.50 mins) is no stranger to the Beersheba Vision, having worked with the late PETER KENTLEY on a number of Beersheba Vision programs.

16 Sep 2020, 2pm

16 Sep 2020, 2pm Beersheba Vision Dr Jennie Bickmore -Brand on what can learn from Israel’s education system. Kelvin Crombie on the Zion Mule Corps

9 Sep 2020, 2pm

9 Sep 2020, 2pm Beersheba Vision On today’s Beersheba Vision our guests are BARRY SHAW  from the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies . Barry talks about how Palestinian Jews and Christian Zionists paved the way to the Land of Israel. He offers a peek into the NILI spy ring and the beautful Sarah Aaronsohn, the only woman to lead a major espionage network under the noses of the enemy in wartime.Her story is covered in Barry’s exciting book, "A Tale of Love and Destiny." IAN WORBY from Christians for Israel discusses Jewish Christian relationships.

2 Sep 2020, 2pm

2 Sep 2020, 2pm Beersheba Vision Today’s Beersheba Vision looks at the role Aboriginal Troopers played in the victory over the Ottoman Empire in WW1. Together with the role the great Aboriginal Statesman William Cooper had in protesting against antisemitism prior to WW2

26 Aug 2020, 2pm

26 Aug 2020, 2pm Beersheba Vision

19 Aug 2020, 2pm

19 Aug 2020, 2pm Beersheba Vision This week’s program is with Kelvin Crombie noted historian talking about the battle of El Alamein in WW2 averting a second holocaust in the Middle East  Joy Heylen(at 26.45 mins) Australian representative for CFOIC (Christian Friends Of Israel Communities) outlining the nature and scope of that organisation.

12 Aug 2020, 2pm

12 Aug 2020, 2pm Beersheba Vision DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF OUR GOOD FRIEND PETER KENTLEY   Carolyn Eldridge on remembering the children lost in the holocaust with the Bialik College button project. Carolyn a long time Christian supporter of Israel and the Jewish people thought she could help Bialik College by collecting a few thousand buttons, this is the amazing story of how she collected hundreds of thousands of buttons for the college project. Deon Van Baalen on Christian volunteers helping Jewish farmers bringing in the grape harvest. Deon the Australian representative for Hayovel an international Christian organisation that brings thousands of Christian volunteers to Israel to help bring in the harvest and help prune vineyards. This is a heartwarming story of some incredible interaction between the Christian volunteers and the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria.

4 Dec 2019, 1pm

4 Dec 2019, 1pm Beersheba Vision Filling in for Peter Kentley on today’s Beersheba Vision is David Jack with his guest in the studio, BARBARA MILLER. Barbara, all the way from Cairns, spoke about the life and times of a man who did speak up for the Jews 81 years ago, the Australian Indigenous leader, WILLIAM COOPER. WILLIAM COOPER   MENSCH